How Your Self-Concept Will Change Your Bank Account

How much are you worth? Do you think you are worth more than the amount of money you make at your job?

There is a direct relationship between your self-concept, on the one hand, and your performance and effectiveness, on the other.

Your self-concept is the bundle of beliefs that you have about yourself. Self-concept is the way you see yourself and think about yourself in every area of your life. 

If you want to change your life, your ways of financial management and how you make money, you must change your self-concept. You always perform on the outside in a way that is consistent with your self-concept. All change/improvement in your life begins when you alter and improve your self-concept, your inner programming.

Your Self-Concept in Selling

For example, in selling you have a self-concept with regard to yourself and selling. If you have a high, positive self-concept, then selling is no problem for you. You get up in the morning eager to call on new people. You are competent and confident in the area of prospecting, so your sales pipeline is always full.

If you have a poor self-concept with regard to selling, you will approach selling with fear and anxiety. You will avoid it whenever possible. The very idea of prospecting will make you tense and uneasy. You will do as little of it as possible and continually look for ways to avoid the activity. This is true in every other area of selling and in life as well.

What Determines Your Income

Every salesperson already has a self-concept for the amount of money that he or she earns. Psychologists have found that you can never earn 10% more or less than your self-concept level of income.

If you earn 10% more than you think you are entitled to, you will immediately engage in compensating behaviors of financial management to get rid of the money. If you have a great month and earn more than you had expected, you will have an irresistible urge to spend it on dinners, travel, clothes, or something else. It will burn a hole in your pocket.

If you earn 10% below your self-concept level of income, you will engage in scrambling behaviors of financial management. You will start thinking about working longer, harder, smarter, better, in order to get your income back up into your “comfort zone.”

Once you get into your comfort zone, you will relax and breathe a deep sigh of relief.

Change Your Comfort Zone

The only way you can increase your sales income is by expanding your comfort zone with regard to the amount you earn. Some people have a comfort zone of $50,000 a year. At that level, they relax and coast. Others have a comfort zone of $100,000 a year.  That is the level that they strive toward, and they only relax when they hit that target.

In order to change your life in regards to your comfort zone, you must decide how much you are worth. Your ways of financial management will reflect how much you think you are worth.

Be Realistic

It is important to be realistic in developing your new self-concept, especially at the beginning. When I first learned about the power of the self-concept and how my self-concept controlled my income, I was earning about $30,000 a year. I immediately set a goal to earn $300,000 a year. But instead of this big goal motivating me, it actually served as a de-motivator. As opposed to my mind going to work to find a way to earn that kind of money, my mind shut down, like turning off a light.

Change The Way You Think About Financial Management

To increase your income, you must change your self-concept and achieve your financial goals in your mind before you can ever achieve financial management in reality. Your aim should be to increase your self-concept level of income bit by bit until you think, see, and feel yourself as a higher-income earner.

Imagine yourself as if you were already the kind of person you want to be, earning the kind of money you want to earn.

Look at other people who are earning more money than you and imagine that you are exactly like them. Step out of your comfort zone, change your mind and your self-concept if you want to earn what you want and what you deserve. To learn more about changing your self-concept and the keys to financial management, download my FREE report “The Way to Wealth.”

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed it and learned that only with the right self-concept can you earn what you really deserve. If you enjoyed what you read please comment and share below.

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