The Science of Money: Earn More By Learning More

How much do you know about money?

It’s interesting that most people think about money all the time and don’t know anything about it.

By understanding the history of money you can increase your earning potential by a great deal.

There is a secret to being able to earn more…

The History of Money

At one time, there was no money, there was only bartering. If you caught a fish, you would trade with a person who had cut down a pineapple from a tree.

If you made boats, you would trade with a person who would build your house for you.

Everything was always trading goods for goods. This eventually became really awkward and clumsy, so finally we had to find something that everyone valued.

The solution to bartering eventually became money…

Things like precious stones like gold and silver, or even brass and copper were used as currency for a time. During the early times of the United States, beautiful seashells were also considered to be what is called a “store of value”.

What does this mean for you?

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Your Most Valuable Asset

Your most valued financial asset is your earning ability.

Now, where does the money come from?

What happens is you trade your labor (mental, emotional, or physical) for money. And then you take that money and you buy the results of labor of someone else whether it be at the grocery store or the car dealership or the clothing store.

What we do is we trade our labor for money and then we trade that money for the labor of other people.

So if you want to be paid more, promoted faster, or increase your earning ability, you have to increase the value of the work that you do.

The whole subject of inequality is, unfortunately, self-determined. People decide to be unequal to others, especially in earning ability, because they decide to stop learning and growing and becoming better in their field.

Add Value to Everything You Do

The thing about money is that you can have all the money you want and earn it honestly by contributing value to other people.

By doing things for other people that are valuable, important, and help them get the results they want, and they will pay you for.

That is the basis of money.

When you start a business, it’s very similar. When you work for a company, it’s very similar.

But money is merely a method of exchange for the quality and quantity of your work which enables you to buy the quality and quantity of work from others.

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