August 2010 Health Update!

My Friends,

Thank you again for your cards, emails, kind wishes and prayers. They have all been deeply appreciated and seem to have been successful.

I was diagnosed with throat cancer that was “life-threatening” in March. I had a tumor the size of a large egg, but flat, against the back of my throat. I began chemotherapy on April 13 and by June 1, the tumor had disappeared.

I then had throat surgery on June 7, requiring 2 weeks of recuperation, to remove the scar tissue, again proving via the pathology reports that the cancer was gone.

Then, the big decision: Radiation therapy or not? After a good deal of soul-searching and the advice of all my doctors, I decided to go ahead, just in case there were still existing “microscopic” cancer cells that could cause the cancer to reoccur- a truly terrible prospect.

I began my 5 days per week of radiation treatment on June 28, scheduled for 33 days, to end August 13.

This was/is the most painful of all. During the first couple of weeks, you feel very little discomfort. But the treatment is cumulative; it builds in intensity, getting worse each time.

The good news is that because of my excellent response, the doctor cut it off at 30 days (ending Tuesday, August 10), rather than the full 33 days. This makes a big difference.

By this time however, the pain was greater and greater, getting more and more intense, building and building, day by day.

The skin on my neck, front and back, began to burn and blister. My throat felt like it was on fire. My mouth became as dry as chalk. I could barely swallow water and pureed soup.

When they “graduated” me, ending the treatments, they told me it would take 5-7 more days, during which the pain would get worse, before the healing would actually begin. They were right. It hurts like hell! (8/12).

Fortunately, it will soon be over. I will be back to semi-normal by September 1. It will take many weeks, and even months or years for all the side effects to diminish completely. Some never will, like the loss of my salivary glands from continual radiation bombardment.

My heart and my best wishes go out to every person who has cancer. They require and demonstrate the greatest courage and perseverance to endure the pain and suffering of chemo, surgery and radiation. They are true champions, and they suffer alone, minute by minute, day by day. God bless them!

The success rate for my cancer treatment is 95%, based on decades of research and experience. I should never have it again.

The good news is that I have written two books this summer and contracted two more for 2011. I have remained clear and lucid, and continued to work. I have lost 10 pounds (the hardest weight-loss program of all!), but physically, I am in good shape.

In the middle of cancer treatment, I had major rotator cuff surgery (3 ½ hours) to repair three torn tendons and ligaments (out of four) and am going to regular physiotherapy to rebuild- which will take 6-12 months.

I have learned that I, and you, can get through the worst of adversities and setbacks if you make a decision that you will never give up- in advance.

Thank you again for your concerns and prayers. I look forward to seeing you in the months ahead.

Yours, in good health,


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