Can You Meet Me in Vegas?

My friend, and well-known speaker, James Malinchak, is hosting his “Speaking Success Boot Camp” event in Las Vegas, May 13-16, 2010.

Have you ever wanted to start a speaking career? This boot camp is filled with everything that you need to know in order to jumpstart your speaking career and fill up your calendar with speaking engagements.

James will be sharing with you how he went from $0 to 6-Figures, and then 7-Figures as a Paid College Speaker!

I will be speaking at his event that weekend, and am excited about all of the incredible value and content that will be provided to all attendees.

Reserve Your Seat Now!

At this event, you will learn:

  • Who the Key People Are at Colleges That Book Speakers for Campuses and College Conferences. Yes, there are key people who do this…A LOT of them! You just need to know who they are…and you will!
  • How You Can Easily Reach All of the Key People Who Are Already Booking Speakers at Colleges. There are several organizations that you can buy the contact information from on mailing labels or computer disks. You just need to know who they are…and you will!
  • The 3 Best Times of Year for You to Contact These People.
  • There are 3 times of the year when they are ready and eager to book speakers. Market to them during these three all-important times of the year and you can increase your chances of getting booked by 1000%! Disregard them and you’ll probably be like I was when I started…NO BOOKINGS…NO MONEY!
  • The Most Effective (and Cheapest) Way for You to Contact These Key People…so you don’t waste time and money!
  • The 10+ Different Departments at Each College That Have Well-Funded Budgets That Can Book You to Speak.
  • Which College Conferences Have Showcasing Opportunities for You. Many of the attendees can and will book you on the spot.
  • How to Get 3-4 Other Colleges to “block-book” You When You’re in Their Area…so you can have 3-4 speaking engagements every time you take a trip.
  • How You Can Get Rebooked by the Same Colleges EVERY Year, Creating a Guaranteed Income Stream. (It’s not that difficult)
  • Putting Together the Correct Marketing Materials That Will Get You Noticed, Booked and Rebooked
  • And so much more!

Don’t hesitate, this event is limited to 300 people, and there are only 143 seats left.

Reserve Your Seat Now!

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