June 2010 Current Health Condition Update

My Dear Friends,

Thank you for your emails, your cards and letters, and especially your prayers.

Whatever you have done and said for me has been very powerful. As of June 1, when I had my second MRI, my tumor was gone. On June 7th, I had surgery to remove the remaining scar tissue. The pathology reports on that material confirmed that the cancer has disappeared. Wow! It’s almost a miracle.

My first MRI on March 4, 2010, confirmed a tumor of 4.8 cm X 2.6 cm X 3.1 cm (2 inches x 1 inch x 1.5 inches) on my throat. After both a PET and a CT scan to confirm the diagnosis, followed by an expert second opinion, I began chemotherapy on April 15.

In chemo, you sit in an easy chair all day, for 6-8 hours, while they drip a series of cancer/cell killing medicines into your system. I then wore a pump for four days that injected me every 90 seconds for 96 hours.

Fortunately, except for some fatigue and hair loss, I had good energy and was in good spirits. I continued to travel and speak all over the U.S. and spent one week in Warsaw, Poland (May 9-13th) before flying to Las Vegas to speak on Saturday and Sunday.

On Monday, May 17th, 2010, I had my second chemo session. The tumor seemed to have shrunk considerably, responding very well to treatment.

On May 22, my wife, Barbara, and I flew to London, England to speak for four days, then to Vienna, Austria to speak twice on Saturday, May 29 before returning to San Diego.

On Tuesday, June 7th, I got the second MRI, which showed no cancer at all. The tumor had disappeared.

How did this happen? Several factors were involved:

1.    People all over the world were praying for me and for my healing. I have always believed that God answers prayer. This was proof.

2.    Two people treated me with “healing hands” during the 90 day period. This may have had a powerful effect on my healing.

3.    I drank a special tea prepared by my housekeeper, Deborah, who is from Mexico. The tea is made from the bark of a tree found in Mexico, and it is supposed to cure cancer. This may have worked.

4.    I was introduced to a new technology called the “Amega Wand,” by my friends Mark Victor Hansen and Jason Boreyko. I received about 30 minutes of treatment with “zero point energy” with the idea that this energy would break up and dissolve the tumor.

Since I had already used the Amega Wand to get rid of arthritis in my hands and ankles, I was very open to the possibility of it working on the cancer.

5.    I have eaten good foods, remained positive and optimistic, been busy and happy all the time, and gotten lots of rest-with no stress. This has helped as well.

Quite honestly, I do not know exactly why I have been so blessed as to go from having a large cancerous tumor to no cancer in 90 days. The bottom line is that I feel happy, healthy, and extremely grateful.

Once again, I thank each of you for thinking of me in a positive way, and sending me your blessings.

The final part of cancer treatment now has to do with radiation treatment to eliminate any possible “microscopic cancer cells” that might still be lurking, invisible and undetectable.

The best news is that my “team” of 3 doctors, a surgeon, an oncologist (chemotherapy), and a radiation oncologist are all recognized as “best in class.” They are admired and respected by everyone who knows them.

I will keep you informed of my progress.

Kind Regards,


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