Focal Point-Your HONEST Opinions Wanted Here

You don’t have to sugarcoat it, you don’t have to go easy on me. I want your honest opinions, thoughts, feelings, aHa! moments, and takeaways from my book Focal Point.

Why? Well, let me catch you up to speed first.

Starting January 11,, one of the best personal growth websites out there, put forth a daring challenge. For 50 days, people from around the world (thousands signed up for this) would debate and learn from 1 great personal development book a day. The goal is to see how much one person can change after soaking in the BIG ideas from 50 of the top personal growth books in the world.

And guess what? Today is my day! Yes, today they’ll be discussing Focal Point!

Check out the discussion going on here

It’s great seeing so many people take a stand for their lives and reach for their highest potential.

The really cool thing is that most people taking part in this challenge haven’t read all of the books being discussed. So how can they have an opinion on a book if they haven’t read it?

That’s because of PhilosophersNotes. Remember SparkNotes, ColesNotes, or CliffsNotes for all those pesky homework assignments? Well, PhilosophersNotes is exactly like that except for personal growth.

Brian Johnson, the Chief Philosophers and Founder of PhilosophersNotes, spent years on a mission. And that mission was to pinpoint the 100 BEST and most influential books in the field of personal growth ever.

Each Note includes a 6-page summary and 20-minute audio. It’s pretty cool. So for each day of the Challenge, people just read these Notes instead.

Anyways, check out the discussion going down and throw in your 2 cents. I would love to read your comments on Focal Point.

Give me your honest opinions on Focal Point here

Find out more about PhilosophersNotes here

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