Goal Setting for Success! Join Brian Tracy’s 30-Day Goals Challenge

If you follow my work, you probably already know the success I’ve experienced by helping millions of people to set and achieve goals.

The one thing I’ve discovered in over 30 years of researching success patterns is that a person of average intelligence who has the ability set clear goals, and has the discipline to maintain a goal-achieving mindset is 90% more likely to succeed than a genius without a plan.

What most people don’t realize is that creating an effective, logical plan is absolutely crucial to achieve goals for success. There are specific, proven steps that, if followed,  work everywhere, for everyone, in virtually every country, no matter what your education, experience, or background may be when you begin.

My personal mission statement has always been  “To help people achieve their goals faster and easier than ever before.”   That being said, I’ve just created a brand-new goal setting challenge that includes some of my best, time-tested strategies to help you achieve your goals in a fun, inspiring way. Oh, and you could be rewarded with some really great prizes, too.

My 30-Day Goals Challenge is a new opportunity to hone your goal achievement skills and stay motivated with a healthy, competitive fire that will keep you going until the end!

Here’s how the contest works:

-Join the contest and fill out a short questionnaire–so that we can create your unique challenge page.

-Set a realistic 30-day goal – one that you can reasonably expect to achieve at the end of the 30-day contest period.

-Each week, you’ll track and submit your progress. You can document and submit your progress in 3 different ways: Blog post, photo, or video – or any combination of the 3. At least one submission per week is required in order to remain eligible to win the challenge and challenge prizes.

-At the end of each week, the progress you submit will be added to your personal challenge page.

-Finally, at the end of the 30-Day Goals Challenge, 2 winners will be selected. One will be voted on by the challenge participants, and the other will be selected by my team and me.

This entirely FREE challenge is designed to show you that by following a proven goal setting system and by staying accountable, you CAN achieve goals you never thought were possible. Even more importantly, you can apply this same formula to any goal you want to achieve in life, at any time.

Once you begin to apply the principles you learn throughout the contest, you’ll:

-Become a more positive, powerful, and effective person.

-Build a higher level of self-esteem and self-confidence.

-Experience a tremendous sense of personal control and direction.

-Apply yourself with more energy and enthusiasm than ever before.

-Accomplish more in a few weeks than the average person might accomplish in several years.

…And the list goes on!

So if you’re ready to take on the challenge of a lifetime, with benefits that can last forever, then NOW is the time!

Because as I mentioned before, when you participate in this challenge, you are virtually guaranteed to succeed.

This is your chance to sign up—so don’t miss it! Join me for the 30 Day Goals Challenge and sign up HERE!

Please share this post on goal setting and encourage your friends and family to sign up for the 30 Day Goals Challenge! Remember, the sooner you try, the sooner you will triumph!

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