Jennie Brown: 30-Day Goals Challenge Winner

When I first read about the Brian Tracy 30 Day Goal Challenge I was excited … and challenged.  This was a huge opportunity, and I wanted to make sure that I made the most of it.

My first goal was to win the Challenge!  Because, really, honestly, that’s what I want to do!  That’s my goal!

However, I spend several days deliberating on what goal I could put forth.

I ask myself is, “What goal is the most important to me right now, and will have the biggest effect on my life if I achieve it within 30 days?”

And the answer is simple – sell the latest property project.

And so, on the 1st May, I enter the Challenge and write my goal …

“My goal for the 30 day challenge is that I have an unconditional contract of sale on a property for a minimum of $1,340,000 by the 30th May 2012.”

What progress did I make during the Challenge?

At the beginning of the Challenge we had four brand new, empty, units – with no tenants, no sales, and no cash to complete the second stage.

At the conclusion of the Challenge, we have a sale on one unit, tenants in three units, a potential tenant for the fourth unit, a potential purchaser on a second unit, and a potential purchaser for the second stage to the project – an additional four units.  In addition, we now have half the cash needed to complete the second stage.

At the beginning of the Challenge my overriding goal was to win the Challenge.  And I am just one of over 2500 entries.

At the completion of the challenge I have submitted all my blog entries including a video and photos, I have shared it with my friends and clients, written about it on facebook, listened to all of Brian’s videos and tips, and diligently applied his advice.  And I am one of just 134 who are eligible to win.

There are two ways to win the Challenge, by votes, or by being chosen by Brian.  There are many worthy contestants.

This is where I take my most valuable lesson from the Challenge.

For years I have helped others to achieve their goals, their dreams, and their desires.  I have been sharing the Challenge journey with my friends, family and clients.  They are all cheering me on.  And when I cautiously, hesitatingly, undeservedly, ask for support … they rally.

I receive emails and messages of support, and phone calls where they tell me that they have “encouraged” all their friends, family, co-workers, clients … even people they don’t know … to vote for me.  I watch in amazement as the votes mount up.

Brian Tracy says that when you achieve a goal, it is the often the result of years of work and preparation – there is no such thing as an overnight success.  To many watching, my success may appear “overnight”.  But in reality, it is the result of years of pushing through, of growth, of failures and successes.

I am humbled.  Amazed.  Honoured.  Blessed.  Privileged.

What else did I take away from the Challenge?

The Challenge was not without its “challenges”!  Along the way, I had many setbacks, emotions and frustrations.  I also had many realisations, triumphs, successes and unexpected bonuses!  These included …

I (YOU) can do ANYTHING I (YOU) want

  • Choose a goal and single mindedly focus on it
  • Do something every single day towards the goal
  • Setbacks are opportunities to find another way to move forward
  • When you improve your life in one area, there is a flow on effect to other areas
  • My success inspires and motivates others to success
  • There are many ways to achieve a goal – if you limit your thinking to believing it will happen in a certain way, you limit yourself to the opportunity and pleasure of it showing up in other, often unexpected ways
  • When you support others, they will support you
  • The better your communication with others, the more you achieve
  • Always be thankful and grateful regardless of whether what you are facing is good or bad
  • Enjoy the journey, reward yourself and celebrate your wins (even the small ones)
  • Dismiss the critics
  • Surround yourself with people who believe you can do it
  • Be specific about what you want, and make sure what you think you want is really what you want!

My advice to you in achieving your goals …

  • Think it
    • Write It
      • Speak It
        • Share It
          • Action It
            • Celebrate It

Bless ya!

Jennie Brown

About Jennie Brown

Jennie Brown is a speaker, writer, mentor and experienced real estate investor.  She is an “Aussie” and lives in Brisbane.

With a passion for helping people to achieve their goals and attain financial freedom, Jennie inspires people all over the world through her speaking, writing and events.  She is passionate about empowering others identify their deepest dreams, desires, passions and purpose and inspiring her clients to boldly, bravely and courageously step out and live their lives to their fullest potential, leaving a lasting, positive legacy for all to enjoy.

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