Julie Cartwright: 30-Day Goals Challenge Winner

I feel so honoured to be featured on one of my most favourite blogs. Thank you to Brian Tracy and to your wonderful team.


My Goal was to: Establish my Property Renovation Business


Unsure initially of my future direction, I made the decision to resign from my job as an interior design educator; I wanted to explore my own creativity and return to practising as an interior designer. I sent out over a 100 applications, and with no positive responses, and with no job, my husband was feeling the pressure of a single salary.

Later over a cup of coffee, my husband and I discussed our future goals, which did not appear promising; we would have to sell our home. Feeling disheartened financially, I drove home and as I passed our local news agency, it suddenly hit me.  The only way I was going to move past this financial hurdle was if I utilized my past experiences and successes in home renovation in a positive way. I returned to the news agency, and bought a property investment magazine and read an article, on one of Australia’s more successful renovators. I knew I had to separate my emotional need to have the home I wanted now, with a huge mortgage and rather work towards my ultimate dream. I created the vision board, and decided to attend a property for riches course, which was phenomenal.

Having the vision I needed to remain motivated and focused, so when this opportunity became available, to take part in a 30-day challenge, I jumped at it.


The process of setting a plan and being forced to report on my progress, made me accountable.

My progress with my goal was slow but steady. The first week getting my business plan done was the most challenging; it landed up being nearly 23 pages long. I was getting worried, I was spending so much time reworking it, and I felt that my goal that I had initially set was becoming more like a 60-day goal. I was determined it had to be done correctly, and as such I would revisit my original weekly plan. Ultimately as long as I worked towards my goal every day, I knew I would be making positive steps. There were times when I waivered with sending in my progress reports, as I felt I had not delivered on my personal expectations.

I ultimately achieved the following:

  • A business plan, designed a logo and stationary.
  • Extensive research collating my own resources.
  • Set up my office and folders on my computer.
  • A company profile presentation for my lenders.
  • A detailed step by step approach to following through with my business plan.
  • An organizational structure.
  • A detailed financial feasibility study.
  • Collected contacts to create my professional and trade teams
  • Identified my strategy.
  • Created my renovation cookie cutter specifications.
  • Identified the suburbs I wanted to focus on and the price range.

I realise that persistence pays off, even when you think you are not making progress. Don’t be discouraged by setbacks. When confusion sets in, go back to your daily planner. Once you have broken down your goals, set realistic and achievable goals each day.


I have over 20 years experience in the field of design. I initially started my career as a fashion designer in South Africa. I have 8 years experience in the Textile & Fashion environment and within that time I interacted with all aspects of the business from retail to agents and suppliers. I later decided to follow a life long dream and started a new career path into the interior design field. I studied a diploma in Interior design in South Africa, and I was later involved in roles that have allowed me to accumulate a depth of experience across all aspects of the industry, including the running of my own design business before moving to Australia 9 years ago.

On arriving in Australia I worked in various temporary roles within the industry and elected to also continue my design education. This allowed me to concentrate on settling my family into our new way of life. I subsequently completed various design qualifications, and was able to measure my conceptual design abilities by winning 1st place in the “Australasian Interior Student Design awards”.

Looking back, I have had to change my initial strategy, as we have not been able to sell our home. I am revisiting my options with this as well. I am not deterred but feel excited that if I pursue a role in interior design, I can still undertake a renovation, with a project manager. I am going to actively pursue every opportunity to make my future dreams and goals become a reality, and would welcome any feedback and support.


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