My Current Health Situation

UPDATE 4/8/10:

Good news! The real cancer treatment process does not begin until May 31. Up to that time, aside from discomfort I’ll be working and giving seminars on my regular schedule.  All is well!

Brian Tracy


The greatest blessing that we can have is ideal health, energy, and fitness.  Unfortunately, health is something that we often do not think a lot about until we have health problems.

Over the past few weeks, starting with a regular medical checkup, the doctors have discovered that I have a cancerous tumor in my throat that is fairly well along in development.

What a shock!  My life was moving along quite smoothly, my physical health was great overall, new opportunities and possibilities were poking up all around me, and my attention was definitely elsewhere.

Now, I have to slam on the breaks, call a “time out,” and redirect the entire focus of my life toward my health and survival.  What a bummer!

Since this cancer occurred, I began researching my situation, I have met a lot of wonderful and skilled people who work in the world of cancer treatment.  It seems that there are millions of people who experience cancer at some time in their lives, and then go through various combinations of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation to deal with it.

It also occurred to me that cancer can be a metaphor for any unexpected setback or reversal in life, especially in the areas of money, business, career and marriage.  In each case, when your situation abruptly changes for the worse, you go through a process of shock and denial, followed by depression and self-pity, which is then followed by acceptance and resurgence.

Perhaps the most important four words in the English language, words that are always true for all people at all times are, “This too shall pass.”

William James of Harvard once wrote, “The first step in dealing with any problem is to be willing to have it so.”

Primary Factors of Unhappiness

The primary factors that cause unhappiness come from stress and frustration and most of the negative emotions are attachment and resistance.  When you become attached to a particular outcome, and you don’t get that outcome or you get something else, you can become angry, frustrated and resentful.  This is why Buddha built much of his religion around the importance of “non-attachment,” which requires that you simply let go of your attachment to a particular outcome and just allow the world and the situation to unfold in its own time and in its own way.

Jesus taught the principle of “non-resistance.”  He said “resist not evil.”  What this means is that it is the resistance to a particular situation or outcome that causes the stress, not the situation itself.

In dealing with my cancer, or with any other unexpected problem, reversal or crisis, my first course of action is to remain calm, detached from the results or situation, and simply accept that “what ever it is, it is.”

There is a direct relationship between optimism and the strength of your immune system.  There is a direct relationship between the strength of your immune system and your body’s ability to combat cancer or any other physical problem.

Optimism Mechanism #1

The way that you remain optimistic is to deliberately look for something good in the situation, something that you may not have seen or thought about.  Maybe it is a chance to change your career, relationships, or lifestyle.  You may have been meaning to do one of these things for a long time anyway.  Now is your chance.

Optimism Mechanism #2

The second way to remain optimistic is to seek for the valuable lesson in whatever has occurred.  Maybe you have been trying too hard, or doing something that was wrong for you.  Maybe you have been harboring negative emotions or grudges from past experiences that have depressed your immune system and made you more susceptible to physical ailments.  Maybe the lesson is that you need to be focused on what is truly important in your life.

My battle with cancer has just begun.  It is going to be an unpleasant experience involving considerable pain, distress, and severe weight loss.  It is not something that anyone looks forward to.

But “what cannot be cured must be endured.”  In the weeks ahead, I will keep you informed of my progress and the situation as it unfolds.  I have full confidence in a complete cure.  I am positive, optimistic, and cheerful.  I refuse to allow this situation to get me down.  For each of who may be going through your own “dark night of the soul,” remember to look for the good, seek the valuable lesson, and tell yourself that “this too shall pass.”

All the best,

Brian Tracy

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