“One Year Total Business Makeover” Recap

Over the weekend of March 5-7th 2010, I hosted my “One Year Total Business Makeover” workshop event for the first time, in beautiful San Diego, CA.

100 incredible people attended this event, including business owners and entrepreneurs. We gathered at the Sheraton Hotel by the Harbor, and for 3 straight days, we got to work.

I taught some of my best business techniques, tactics, and strategies.  Entrepreneurial guru, John Assaraf, video and internet marketing expert, Mike Koenigs, and renowned business and success coach, Bill Walsh, also contributed their expertise during this event.

Together, John, Mike, Bill, and I combined our skills and knowledge about the best business practices in the world today, and presented them to a room full of some of the most dedicated continuous learners that I have ever met.

The event was an incredible success, and I’m already getting busy planning the next “One Year Total Business Makeover” workshop, which will take place in San Diego, July 9-11th 2010.

To hear real feedback from some of the guests themselves, please watch any or all of the videos below.

If you weren’t able to attend the event, that’s ok! We recorded the entire seminar. Also, if you were able to attend, but would like to own a copy of the seminar, now you can.

To get your hands on the DVD recording of my 3 day event, plus my 203 page Action Strategies Workbook, CLICK HERE

If you were a guest at this seminar, but did not get a chance to submit any written or video feedback, please feel free to submit any feedback to: testimonial@briantracy.com

Thanks to everyone who made this event such an enormous success. It was an unforgettable experience.

One Year Total Business Makeover Video Feedback:

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  • Shucks! I was just in San Diego in January. Say hi to John Assaraf for me – I admire each of you individually and will check out the video and my schedule for the July live event. – Jonathan

  • This was such a great experience! Attending this program and putting in 100% effort into it was one of the best business decisions I’ve made. The program was meticulously structured and very well done! I appreciate all the efforts of Brian and the staff and other speakers. Well worth the investment of time and money because you are investing in your future. Many thanks to Brian Tracy for being such an inspiration! I look forward to meeting you again in the future.
    – Candi Wolley, Massachusetts

  • Archan Mehta


    Yeah, I know what you mean: it is important to attend such seminars, conferences and make paper presentations and deliver speeches to a live audience.

    And it’s great you are making this information available even to those who could not attend.

    The experts on the panel can also make a huge difference speaking on areas of their expertise. It lends variety.

    Thanks for this valuable input. Cheers!

  • this is awesome, am planning of participating in the next edition

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