Update on My Health!

Thank you for your kind emails and letters, and for your advice and recommendations

I began chemo yesterday, Thursday, April 15. I will soon learn how I respond physically and then be able to plan my life and work around it.

When you think about it, having cancer can be a metaphor for any big problem or unexpected setback in life.

It happens unexpectedly, like job loss, bankruptcy, or divorce. You react with surprise, shock, and dismay.  Then, you finally accept “the facts on the ground.”

From that point onward, the only thing that matters is how you deal with it. Do you accept the new reality and get busy doing what is in your power to do, or do you become angry or depressed and blame other people or circumstances?

I choose to see this as a “learning experience.” Maybe I’ll develop a speech or seminar to share what I’ve learned, and the parallels with the ups and down of normal life.

Fortunately, the doctor tells me that I am “asymptomatic” which means that I have NO symptoms aside from an irritation in my throat. This is good news.

I have confirmed my speaking schedule to all my clients, right up to May 29 in Vienna, Austria, right after 3 days in London. I’ll probably need a rest!

One fact has jumped out at me (again) during this process and that is the incredible excellence of the American medical system. The quality and dedication of the doctors and nurses is wonderful, very reassuring.

More good news! The success/survival rate of my type of cancer is 90% or more. My intention is to raise that average with excellent nutrition and proper care.

I will tell you next week how everything worked out.

Keep Smiling!


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