You asked… I answered, Part 2

Here are the remainder of the answers from our recent campaign where we asked: “What is the single biggest question that you want to ask Brian Tracy?” I hope you find them helpful.

6. Brian, what are your daily rituals for success?

Answer: Over the years, I find that I am most productive if I follow a particular course of action.
1. I go to bed at about 10:00PM each night and arise at about 6:00AM in the morning;

2. I immediately exercise, sometimes just stretching and twisting to get my body working. The rule is that every joint in your body is supposed to be exercised every day. Sometimes, I work out for 60-90 minutes, swimming, riding my Life Cycle, using my cross country ski machine, and working out with light weights.

3. Physical exercise and physical fitness cause your brain to release endorphins, making you more alert and creative for the rest of the day;

4. Each morning, I do 30-60 minutes of reading, usual spiritual reading. Henry Drummond once said, “The first hour is the rudder of the day.” When you start each day with exercise and spiritual reading, it seems to set you up mentally to be more positive and productive for the rest of the day.

5. I begin each workday with a list of the things that I have to do that day, and I organize the list by priorities, so that I can start on the most important task.

6. I try to work in “real time.” When something comes up, I take care of it quickly and then get back to my other work.

7. I carry reading material with me and read at every opportunity, especially when I am traveling. I listen to educational audio programs in my car. I watch educational video learning programs on whenever I am near a computer.

7. What is the single most important thing that I can do, as a parent, to instill a success mindset in my children?

Answer: The most important reason that a young person succeeds in life, based on many years of research, is because of an attitude of “positive expectations” on the part of the parent.

The parent is always telling his/her child that he/she believes in him/her and knows that he/she is going to be a big success in life.

There is nothing more influential in causing a young person to become successful when he/she grows up than to know that his/her parents believe in him/her completely.

8. What is the best kind of business to open when the economy is in a recessions/depression/spiraling downward?

Answer: The best business to start, at any time, is a business that you investigate thoroughly before you begin. Find a product or service that is in immediate demand. Find a product or service where you have a competitive advantage over other people offering similar products or services.

Take the time to create a complete business plan before beginning. Do your homework. Talk to other people in the same business and ask for their advice.

Most of all, focus single-mindedly on sales. The number one reason for business success is “high sales.” Your ability to get customers for your product or service is the most important single variable, above all others, in selecting a business.

9. How do you take action when you are frozen in moving forward and confused on which step to take?

Answer: In times of set-backs, difficulties and reversals, it is not unusual to find yourself in a state of semi-paralysis. This is when you should set back from what you are doing and call a personal “time out.”

Make a list of ten goals that you would like to achieve in the next year or so.

Review your list of goals and ask yourself, “If I could achieve any one goal on this list, which one goal would have the greatest positive impact on my life?”

Whatever your answer, this goal becomes your “major definite purpose.”

Make a list of everything that you can think of that you could do to achieve this most important goal. Organize your list by sequence and priority.

Finally, when you know what you want and you have an organized list of activities, take action immediately. Do something, do anything. Become so busy working on the achievement of your goal that you don’t have time to worry anymore.

10. If I am just starting out on my success journey, what is the first book you would suggest I read?

Answer: There are two books that you can read at the beginning of your journey. They are both world-wide best sellers, and they are both written by me, personally.

The first is called Maximum Achievement – Strategies and skills that will unlock your hidden powers to succeed, and the second is called Getting Rich Your Own Way – How to become wealthy in any market.

These two books summarize the very best ideas ever discovered for inner development and outer action.

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