Generate Success in Your Life: You are a Leader of Your Own Corporation

There is perhaps no other quality that can accelerate your career or create success in your life as quickly as accepting that you are a leader in everything you do. You become a leader by demonstrating the qualities of leadership whenever those qualities are required by the situation.

Become What You Think: You are a Leader

You already know that you become what you think about most of the time. And what you think determines what you do. If you think the way leaders think, you will say and do the things that leaders say and do and make things possible.


It is also true that you become what you do. In fact, you are what you do. Your actions are the only true measure of your character and your personality. When you act like a leader, when you take a leadership role, you begin to think and feel like a leader as well.

This is why leaders are made, not born. Everyone has within them the qualities of leadership. As you practice these qualities regularly and systematically, you realize that you are a leader in everything you do.

You are the Leader of Your Own Corporation

The basic rule for success in your life, your work and your career is for you to see yourself as the president of your own personal services corporation, know that you are a leader. See yourself as an independent contractor selling your services back into your company on an hourly rate. See your current employer as your best client, at the moment. See yourself on the same level as any other person who owns his or her company. You are the boss. You are in charge of the success in your life. You make the decisions and determine the direction of your own personal services firm.

You are a leader of your own private corporation, you must continually think in terms of leadership to make things possible. What do the top people do in each organization? What are the key responsibilities of managers and senior executives? Of all the things that you could do each day, what are the things that you do that are the most important?

Leaders, managers and executives have been studied for many years. We now know exactly the qualities that most differentiate a leader from a non-leader. We also know those activities that leaders in business are responsible for. You must become what you think and know that you are a leader of your own life. When you begin practicing these qualities and behaviors, you step on the accelerator of your own career and move quickly to the front in whatever you are doing.

Be Innovative

The first job of the executive is to innovate and market. It is to continually seek out newer, better, faster, easier and cheaper ways to get the job done and then to market the new, improved products and services to ever more customers.

When you practice the processes of restructuring, reengineering, reinventing and reorganizing on a regular basis, you continually improve your ability to innovate and create new and better products and services and market ever more of them against your competition.

Achieve Results

Your second major function as the senior executive of your own life is to perform and get results. In the final analysis, this is all that really matters. This is all that people care about. Did you get the job done? Yes or no?

Generate Success in Your Life

For you to perform and achieve the very highest quality and quantity of results, you must be clear about the type and level of performance that is necessary for success in your field. You must be absolutely clear about the key result areas of your job and then dedicate yourself to performing in those areas at a high level.

Your job is to do whatever it takes to get into the top 10% of people in your field. This may take a month, it may take a year or it may take longer. But it doesn’t matter. You must be absolutely single minded in your determination to be absolutely excellent at what you do. This reputation for excellence will open more doors for you and make more things possible for you than any other single attribute that you can acquire.

Leaders Solve Problems

The third major function of the chief executive is to solve problems and to make decisions. Your ability to solve problems effectively and make good decisions quickly will accelerate your career and increase your leverage as fast or faster than any other thing that you can possibly do. When you are able to effectively problem solve, you gain the ability to make things possible and create more opportunity for success.

This is your core job description. Doctors practice medicine, lawyers practice law and you solve problems. The better you get at solving problems, and the more accurate you become at making good decisions that get results, the more you will be paid and the faster you will be promoted. The more people you will be given authority over. The more opportunities will open up for you in every part of your life.

Create Opportunities: Make Things Possible

As the president of your own company, you are responsible for setting and achieving your own goals. You are responsible for setting priorities and working on key tasks allowing you to make things possible. You are responsible for maximizing and optimizing both the time and knowledge you have available to you. As the president of your own company, you must take action continuously, aggressively, determinedly in the direction of your most important goals and objectives. No one can do this but you, and if you do these things well, your future and success in your life is guaranteed.

Thank you for reading this article on how to become what you think and make things possible. Remember that you are a leader of your own corporation and in charge of the success in your life. If you enjoyed this article please share and comment below!

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