Top Leaders Maintain High Expectations and Self Discipline

Leadership comes more from who you are inside than from what you do on the outside. Leaders maintain high expectations, character, and self discipline.

Men and women who possess the kind of charisma that arouses the enthusiastic support of others are invariably men and women with high values and principles. They are extremely realistic and honest with themselves and others. They have very clear ideals, and they continually aspire to live up to the highest that is in them. They speak well of people, and they guard their conversation, knowing that everything that they say is being remembered and recorded. They are aware that everything they do is contributing to the formation of their perception by others. Everything about their character is adding to or detracting from their level of personal power.

Leaders have High Expectations

When you think of the most important men and women of any time, you think of men and women who aspired to greatness and who had high values for themselves and high expectations of others. When you make the decision to act consistent with the highest principles that you know, you begin to enhance your personal power. You begin to become the kind of person others admire and respect and want to emulate. You begin to attract into your life the help and support and encouragement of the kind of people you admire. You activate the law of attraction in the very best way.

Self Discipline

The second quality of leadership is self discipline, or self-mastery. Men and women of quality are highly self-controlled. They have a tremendous sense of inner calm and outer resolve. They are well-organized, and they demonstrate willpower and determination in everything they do.

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The very act of being well-organized, of having clear objectives and of having set clear priorities on your activities before beginning, gives you a sense of discipline and control. It causes people to respect and admire you. When you then exert your self discipline by persisting in the face of difficulties, your influence on others increases.

Personal Power

Men and women who achieve leadership positions, who display what others refer to as personal power, are invariably those who possess indomitable willpower and the ability to persist in a good cause until success is achieved. The more you persist when the going gets rough, the more self discipline and resolve you develop, and the more influence you tend to have.

Now, here are two things you can do immediately to put these ideas into action.

First, clarify your values and beliefs for yourself. Decide exactly what it is that you stand for, and what you will not stand for. Be definite about who you are and refuse to compromise.

Second, resolve in advance to discipline yourself to do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it, whether you feel like it or not. Force yourself to persist until you succeed.

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