Productivity Tips – Be More Productive With Less Effort

Every one of us is gifted the same twenty-four hours every day. It’s how you use those hours, though, that makes all the difference in your own productivity.

Work productivity is not the same as being busy or doing as much as possible in a short period of time. In fact, experts define productivity as being actively engaged in meaningful work, whereas the quality of output is equal to or greater than the amount of time spent on it.Read more

Writer’s Block: How To Defeat An Author’s Worst Enemy

Whether you are a new or seasoned writer, odds are you have come to a point in your writing journey where the magic seems to just run out and you get writer’s block.

For example, have you ever faced a creative block that’s preventing you from seeing the development of a story, or even being able to start writing? Or did your ideas seem to have disappeared or have any new ones rendered creatively useless?

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The Power Of Positive Thinking

The power of positive thinking is remarkable.

In fact, the idea that your mind can change your world almost seems too good to be true.

I can assure you, however, that I have experienced AND witnessed the good that having a positive mindset can bring.

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How To Believe In Yourself

After personally experiencing the good that focusing on positive thinking can bring, I can confidently say your ability to believe in yourself can change your life.

The process of thinking and talking about what you want and how to get it actually makes you feel happier and in greater control of your life. 

And when you feel in control of your life, you start to believe in yourself more and boost your confidence. Read more

Use Parkinson’s Law To Increase Your Productivity

Do you struggle to be productive and get the work done that will enable you to reach your goals?

Maybe you tend to scroll social media when you should be working. Maybe you’re drowning because you underestimated the scope of a project. Or maybe you aren’t doing much work because you think there’s no need to rush–you have all week, month, or year long to finish.

If these situations sound familiar, you may have fallen prey to Parkinson’s Law.

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