Guest Blog: 4 New Era Lead Generation & Prospecting Tips

Sales cycles are often multi-step processes. After interviewing a large number of sales professionals it has become clear that the start of the sales cycle also known as “prospecting” or “lead generation” is often the biggest challenge. One of the main reasons we attribute to this is that prospecting is a simple numbers game, and that sales nets more rejection than successes. It is very common for salespeople to come up with hundreds of things they would prefer to do over prospecting and lead generation. Its much easier to respond to an email or chat with a co-worker then pick up the phone and dial for dollars.

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How to Increase Your Income and Make More Money

If you want to be the best and learn how to become a millionaire, you must first find out what the top people do and then do it yourself. The top three percent of Americans in all fields, act as if they “own the place.”  They look upon everything that happens in their companies as though they own one hundred percent of the stock.  They take everything personally.  They feel personally responsible for sales, quality, profitability, distribution and cost effectiveness.  They are totally engaged with their work and with their products and services…. Read more

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