Great Sales People Influence A Customers Buying Power

To achieve anything big or worthwhile you need the support of lots of people.  Most successful business, sales people and entrepreneurs in our society are those who have learned how to sell people on not only their ideas, but the ideas of others to increase their buying power.  Your ability to get the support of the key people in your business and personal world will have as much to say about your ultimate success as anything else…. Read more

Develop Business Goals and Achieve Business Success

The strategic business unit (SBU) concept has revolutionized many multiproduct or multiservice businesses. It is a way of thinking that is absolutely vital to business success. It was first developed by the Boston Consulting Group and then used by many Fortune 1000 companies to transform their organizations into more efficient and vastly more profitable companies…. Read more

Start From Nothing and Become Financially Independent

Do you wish to become financially independent? More than eighty percent of self-made millionaires in America began with nothing or in many cases, less than nothing. I can certainly relate to that because when I was growing up and right into my early 30s, I never had any extra money with which to start a fortune. It seemed to me that there was always enough, if not more than enough bills, to absorb every penny I earned. I was always in debt.

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Successful People are Self Disciplined

There is one special quality that you can develop that will guarantee you greater success, accomplishment, and happiness in life.  Of a thousand principles for success developed over the ages, this one quality or practice will do more to assure that you accomplish wonderful things with your life than anything else.  This quality is so important that, if you don’t develop it to a high degree, it is impossible for you to ever achieve what you are truly capable of achieving…. Read more

The Keys to Personal Power and Self Esteem

Everyone wants to be popular with others. You want to be liked and respected among your friends, family, and associates. Above all, you want to like and respect yourself, and to feel yourself to be a valuable and important person. Fortunately, everything you do that makes other people feel good about themselves makes you feel good about yourself as well. You can actually improve the way you feel by making other people feel important. This is the key to great personal relationships…. Read more

Sales Process: How to Handle Objections and Use Closing Techniques

The modern sales process is fascinating. Once you figure out the right techniques for each step, you will begin to close more sales and you’ll have a better time working with your prospects.

These days, customers have so many resources for shopping research that they tend to draw out the sales process. During a sales conversation, the well-researched customers may have more objections when presented with solutions by salespeople. Some salespeople dislike the evolution of this process, however, because they don’t know how to use objections to their advantage.

Here’s the deal:

The fact is that objections are good. Objections indicate interest. And successful sales have twice as many objections as unsuccessful sales.
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