How a Good Manager Eliminates Wasted Time to Improve Performance

One of the interesting outcomes of these challenging economic times is that companies are doing less with more.  They have laid off millions of people and downsized in almost every area.  But the level of productivity, performance and output per person has actually gone up.  Companies are maintaining or increasing their levels of productivity and quality with fewer people, but with people who are better selected, better organized and better managed.  This must be your goal as well…. Read more

Ground Rules for Managers

Some managers are perceived as micro managers while others are so far removed from the day to day they just administrate. So what’s right? I don’t think the answer comes down to style, but to situation…. Read more

3 Enemies You Must Conquer to Increase Cash Flow

The most important discovery about successful people is that they take continuous action in the direction of their goals. They practice what is called in military terms the “continuous offensive.” They are always trying different things, and if they don’t work, they try something else. They are never satisfied, and they are never complacent. They are continually moving forward to generate sales, revenues and cash flow…. Read more

Key Skills of an Effective Sales Manager

Being a sales manager is a team activity requiring that you get results through others.

The main problem with sales management is that most sales managers are not trained or skilled in sales management. Most are promoted because they did a good job in sales.

But sales is an individual activity requiring individual motivation, key skills and achievement. These are totally different requirements…. Read more

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