The Race Heats Up

The race for the presidency of the United States now boils down to John McCain versus Barack Obama. This may be the most important election in our history, at least for each of us who are Americans today and who will be affected by the outcome. In my book Something For Nothing, I wrote that the most powerful principle governing human behavior is the Expediency Factor. This E-Factor says that, “People strive to get the things they want the fastest and easiest way possible with little or no concern with the secondary consequences of their behaviors.” Alexis de Toqueville, in his book “Democracy in America,” wrote that, “America will be a great country until the people learn that they can… Read more

The Principle of the Objective

Learn from the Lessons of History The concepts of military strategy have been studied and written about for more than 4,000 years, going back to the early works of General Sun-Tzu in China more than 2,000 years BC. These principles of strategy that have been developed and perfected over the centuries have direct applications and implications for strategic thinking, both personally and corporately. Decide In Advance What You WantThe most important military principle is the Principle of the Objective. This principle requires that you decide in advance exactly what it is that you are trying to accomplish. What exactly is your objective? In my experience, fully 80% of all problems in personal and corporate life come from a lack of… Read more

Trust Your Intuition

The Essence of Business Success The essence of a successful business is really quite simple. It is your ability to offer a product or service that people will pay for at a price sufficiently above your costs, ideally three or four or five times your cost, thereby giving you a profit that enables you to buy and to offer more products and services. Add Value in Some WayThe key to a successful business is to add value by bringing the product or service from another place to where you’re selling it, or by creating the product or service and selling it at a price higher than your total cost of production. You become wealthy by either selling a few products… Read more

Five Ways to Become Wealthy

The Five Roads to Financial Success in America and How to Choose Your Own There are basically five ways that you can become wealthy starting with nothing in America based on over 25 years of research into American millionaires. Number one, you can inherit it. Less than 10 percent of wealthy Americans inherited any of their money, and it’s less and less every single year. The Second Way The second way that you can become wealthy is you can achieve it professionally. You can become a doctor or a lawyer or an architect or an accountant. You can become extremely good at what you do, be paid very well, and hold on to the money. The Third Way The third… Read more

Learning from Experience

The Sufi philosopher, Izhrat Khan once said that, “Life is an endless series of problems, like the waves from the ocean. This is a good description of your life, as well. From the time you are young, throughout your life, you will have an endless string of problems, of all kinds. You will have personal problems, financial problems, relationship problems, health problems, business problems, career problems, and who knows what else. They never end. The only interruption to this endless series of problems will be the occasional crisis. If you’re living a normal life in our fast-moving society, you will probably have a crisis of some kind every two or three months. By its very definition, a crisis comes “unbidden.”… Read more

The Complex Sale Today

The Sale is More Complex Today The entire process of selling today is more complex than it has ever been before. It used to be that we would make a single call on a single buyer who would make a single decision on our product or offering. In this simple form of selling, we used the attention/interest/ desire/action (AIDA) model of sales presentation and focused intensely on numerous different ways of closing the sale. Then, once we had made the sale, in many cases we never saw the customer again. Everything Has Changed Today, however, everything is different. Today we must make multiple calls, an average of five or six, in order to make the sale. We deal with multiple… Read more

Your Most Valuable Asset

What is your most valuable asset? According to Dr. Theodore Leavitt, Dean of the Harvard Business School, the most valuable asset that a company has is its reputation. Dr. Leavitt defines reputation as “How you are known to your customers”. In marketing and business, we refer to this as your “positioning” or “brand.” Your reputation is determined by the way that your customers and prospective customers talk about your company in the marketplace. When we work with business owners and executives, we ask the question, “How would it be helpful or useful for people to talk about your company?” In other words, if you could be a fly on the wall and listen to one of your customers talk to… Read more

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