Believe in Yourself: The 5 Levels of Personality

You can imagine your personality by thinking of a target with concentric rings. Your personality is made up of five rings, starting from the center with your values and radiating outward to the next circle, your beliefs and values in life.

Believe in Yourself

Your values in life determine your beliefs, about yourself and the world around you. If you have positive values, such as love, compassion, and generosity, you will believe that people in your world are deserving of these values and you will treat them accordingly. When you believe in yourself and chose to be a good person you will find yourself to be more positive and successful in life.

Set Expectations and Know Your Values in Life

Your beliefs, in turn, determine the third ring of your personality, your expectations. If you have positive values, you will believe yourself to be a good person. If you believe in yourself to be a good person, you will expect good things to happen to you. If you expect good things to happen to you, you will be positive cheerful, and future oriented. You will look for the good in other people and situations.

Attitude: Expect Good Things to Happen

The fourth level of your personality, determined by your expectations, is your attitude.Your attitude will be an outward manifestation or reflection of your values, beliefs, and expectations. For example, if your value is that this is a good world to live in and your belief is that you are going to be very successful in life, you will expect that everything that happens to you is helping you in some way.

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As a result, you will have a positive mental attitude toward other people and they will respond positively toward you. You will be a more cheerful and optimistic person. You will be someone who others want to work with and for, buy from and sell to, and generally help to be more successful.

Be a Good Person Through Your Actions

The fifth ring, or level of life, is your actions. Your actions on the outside will ultimately be a reflection of your innermost values, beliefs, and expectations on the inside. This is why what you achieve in life and work will be determined more by what is going on inside of you than by any other factor.

Action Exercise

Make a list of your three to five most important values in life today. What do you really believe in and stand for? What are your values in life? What qualities are you best known for among the people who know you? What do you consider the most important values guiding your relationships with others in your life?

Thank you for reading this article about finding your values in life and learning to believe in yourself. Learn to expect good things to happen and work hard towards your goals and you will find yourself living a happy and successful life. If you enjoyed this article, please share and comment below!

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  • Thank you, Mr. Tracy:

    I love your article, Success begins with “Believing in Yourself” and having compassion, love, generosity. I believe that having unconditional love for yourself is so important if we want to be healthier and happier. If we love ourselves unconditionally, then it will be easier to love others. And of course, we feel better about ourselves and attract wonderful things in our lives.

    Thanks again,
    Edith Howell

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