Career Action Plan: How Successful People Use Gap Analysis to Achieve Career Goals

If you have set specific career goals for yourself, you must start by creating an action plan for yourself. Successful people are future-oriented and practice Gap Analysis in their job.

The starting point of creating an action plan, requires that you are future-orientated, meaning you develop a long-term vision for yourself and to reach your career goals.

Dr. Edward Banfield’s work at Harvard over a fifty-year period concluded that the most successful people in our society have “longtime perspective.” They think ten and twenty years into the future, and they make their decisions each day based on this long time horizon. And so should you.

Use Future-Orientation to Reach Your Career Goals

The most important word in future-orientation to reach your career goals is the word idealization.This requires that you idealize or imagine your ideal future career in every respect. Successful people project themselves forward three to five years, imagine that their life is perfect and that they are doing exactly the right job for themselves.

If your work situation were perfect, what would it look like? What would you be doing? How much would you be earning? With whom would you be working? Where would you be working?

Once you have idealized your perfect job, ask yourself about the kind of person you would need to become to get and keep that job. What kind of skills would you have? How high up would you be in your field? What new talents and abilities would you have to tap into and develop?

Successful People Use Gap Analysis

Practice what is called Gap Analysis on your job. Look at the difference between where you are today and where you would like to be in the future. Where is the gap? What changes should you begin making, right now, to prepare yourself for the kind of job you want? As Abraham Lincoln said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

One of the qualities of successful people in every field is that they think about the future much of the time to achieve their career goals. The action plan of successful people calls for future-orientation in anything that they do. It is important that you think about the future as well, because that is where you are going to spend the rest of your life. And the more you think about the future, the more optimistic and positive you become. The more you develop a clear action plan and vision of where you want to be in the years ahead, the more likely it is that you will take the steps, each day, to make your vision into your reality.

Think about the future of your company as well. Look at the cycles and trends in your business. Think about where your company is going and what type of action plan your company needs to do to be successful in the future. What can you do to help?

The more future-oriented you are in your position with a clear action plan for your goals, the more you will be paid and the more rapidly you will be promoted. The more future-oriented you are, the better decisions you will make, the more positive impact you will have on your company’s operations and the faster you will reach your career goals. The more future-oriented you are, the more you will feel in control of your life, your career, and your personal destiny.

Action Plan: Become Goal-Oriented in Everything You Do

Successful people have clear, written goals and know exactly what they want in each area of their lives. With this type of action plan, successful people accomplish vastly more than people who are not sure or who are unclear about what they want.

Perhaps nothing can help you more in your attempts to be paid more and promoted faster than for you to become an intensely goal-oriented person. Fortunately, the skill of setting and achieving goals is something that you can learn quite quickly and then develop through practice, day after day. This is a truly effective action plan that you must use to achieve your personal and career goals.

The more goal-oriented you are at work, the more results you will get and the more valuable you will become. When you become intensely goal-oriented, you will use your time better and stand out from the others. You will attract more opportunities for greater responsibilities. By becoming intensely goal-oriented, you will inevitably get paid more and promoted faster.

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