Dress for Success! 3 Ways to Market Yourself

It is absolutely amazing how many people are held back because no one has ever taken them aside and told them how important it is to dress for success to get a promotion. You must learn how to market yourself as a positive and successful person to get ahead in your career.

I have personally studied the importance of image in business for many years. I have read dozens of books and articles and taught thousands of people. I can tell you with great assurance that how you market yourself and dress for success will have a major effect on how far you go and how fast you get there.

Dress for Success to Get a Promotion

The first rule is that you should always dress for success in your job and in your company. Look at the top people in your industry. Look at the top people in your company. Look at the pictures in newspapers and magazines of the men and women who are being promoted to positions of higher responsibility and pay. Pattern and market yourself after the leaders if you want to get a promotion.

There is a lot of talk today about casual dress. It turns out that the people who are allowed to dress casually at work are back office people. They are not people who deal face-to-face with customers. Even in Silicon Valley, where it is a badge of honor to dress down completely, the young executives keep tailored suits in their offices, which they put on when they are visited by a customer or an investment banker. They know the importance of knowing how to market yourself and dress for success.

If you are a person with a future, don’t dress like a person without one. Dress like you are going somewhere in your life. And if everyone around you decides upon casual dress, this is all the better for you. You will stand out to everyone who can have a positive influence on your career and be the front runner to get a promotion.

Remember, companies want to be proud of the employees that they introduce to their customers and their bankers. You must dress for success to look like the kind of person an executive would be proud to introduce to another executive as a representative of the company.

Market Yourself and Make a Great First Impression

People judge you in the first four seconds. They will then grant you approximately thirty seconds more before they make a final decision and store this judgment away in their subconscious mind. After that it is very hard for a person to change his or her first impression of you. And you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Fully 95 percent of the first impression you make will be determined by your clothes. This is because your clothes cover fully 95 percent of your body, even on a hot day.

Always strive to dress for success and look like a winner at work. Market yourself as a valuable and important person. Market yourself as a person with a great future who is going somewhere with this company. The rule is that you should spend twice as much on your clothes and buy half as many. No matter what anyone says, human beings are very strongly affected by the dress of other people. Your goal is to dress for success so that you look excellent in every business situation.

Watch Your Grooming

Your grooming is very important as well. One of my clients came to me for advice after many months of frustration in working with a customer of his company. I told him that his image was such that he did not appear trustworthy or credible to the customer. He wore a full beard that covered much of his face.

He was a nice guy, but he was tripping himself up by the way he appeared. He asked me specifically what he should change. I told him that, according to thousands of interviews, a beard is viewed as a mask, suggesting that the person has something to hide. “Shave it off,” I told him. He was shocked. He had been wearing the beard for years. Nonetheless he followed my advice, shaved his beard completely, and went back to see the customer again on Monday morning.

The customer’s response to him was so totally different that my client was amazed. In fact, after six months of having gone back and forth, the customer signed a major agreement and gave my client a check right there for $30,000 to seal the contract, just one day after he changed his grooming. You are a wonderful person with a wonderful future in front of you. And in order for you to get a promotion and advance in your career, it is important that everyone who sees you recognizes this fact in the first four seconds.

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