Positive Affirmations and Long-Term Goals Change Your Luck

America contains millions of men and women who have come from difficult backgrounds, with every conceivable type of handicap and liability, but have gone on to build wonderful lives for themselves through self-improvement, positive affirmations and setting long-term goals.  Often, people around them ascribe their good fortunes to luck. But if you talk to these people and you trace their stories from where they began to where they are now, you will find that luck had little to do with their success, but more with their long-term goals and positive affirmations. And, it has little to do with yours.

Your Long-Term Goals impact Cause and Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect cuts in both directions.  It also says that if there is an effect in your life, such as lack of money, overweight, problems in your relationships, an unsatisfying job or career, or any other difficulty, you can trace that effect back to the things that you did to cause it, and by removing the causes by setting long-term goals, you can begin to remove the effects and begin to follow a path through positive affirmations and self-improvement.

Practice The Proven Principles of Success Through Positive Affirmations and Self-Improvement

In its simplest terms, successful, happy, healthy, prosperous people are those who have discovered the principles of self-improvement through long-term goals, goal setting and positive affirmations. They have designed their lives so that they live in harmony with those principles.  As a result, they experience far more joy and satisfaction in life. They accomplish far more in a few years than the average person does in a lifetime.

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You’ve heard it said, in Poker, “The winners laugh and tell jokes while the losers say, “shut up and deal!”  In the world around you, the winners are busy and actively working toward achieving their long-term goals through positive affirmations while average people are putting in as little work and contribution as they can and hoping for a lucky break. Winners always ascribe their success to hard work, goal setting and self-improvement.  Mediocre people always ascribe their failures to bad luck.

Consequences Of Goal Setting

Another version of the Law of Cause and Effect is the Law of Action and Reaction.  First propounded and explained by Sir Isaac Newton.  This law states that, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  Put another way, actions have consequences.

This is important.  At the beginning, you can decide upon the action.  You can control what you do through positive affirmations and goal setting.  But once you have launched a particular action, the consequences are often out of your hands.  Once you have done or said a particular thing, the consequences take on a power and a force of their own.  This is why successful people are more thoughtful about the potential consequences of what they say and do than the average person. Unsuccessful people, on the other hand, tend to be thoughtless, even careless, about their statements or behaviors, avoid positive affirmations, self-improvement, goal setting and do not have long-term goals.

The key to enjoying more of what people call luck is for you to engage in more of the actions that are more likely to bring about the consequences that you desire through your long-term goals and self-improvement.  At the same time, you must consciously decide through positive affirmations to avoid those actions that will not bring about the consequences you desire, or even worse, will bring about consequences that you don’t want.

Create Your Own Luck Through Positive Affirmations

If you are in sales, the daily actions of achieving your long-term-goals through prospecting, presenting, following up and working continuously to cultivate leads and referrals will ultimately bring about the consequences of sales success, higher income, personal pride and greater satisfaction from your career.  The more of these actions you engage in, the more pleasurable consequences you will enjoy.  Your success will be largely under your control through goal setting and self-improvement. It will not be a matter of luck at all.

By having long-term goals you will create your own luck through positive affirmations, goal setting, and self-improvement.

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