Stop Worrying! Powerful Ways of Overcoming Fear

Overcoming fear is essential to your success. The future belongs to the risk-takers, not the security seekers.  Life is perverse in the sense that, the more you seek security, the less of it you have.  But the more you seek opportunity, the more likely it is that you will achieve the security that you desire.

Stop Worrying and Develop Courage

One way to stop worrying and get the courage to begin is to plan and prepare thoroughly in advance.  Set clear goals and objectives, then gather information.  Read and research in your chosen field.  Write out detailed plans of action, and then take the first step towards relieving stress.

The second kind of courage is the courage to endure, to persist, to stay at it once you have begun.  Persistence is a form of “courageous patience” and it is one of the rarest forms of courage.  Courageous patience is having the ability to stand firm after you have begun and before you get any feedback or results from your actions.  To plan your work and work your plan and persist patiently, even in the face of disappointment and unexpected setbacks.

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Consciously choose to associate and be around other men and women who seem to be positive and unafraid of life.  Get away from negative people, people who are always pointing out the reasons to be insecure and afraid to stop worrying.  Control your suggestive environment carefully, and especially your human environment, if you wish to become the exceptional person you can be.

Because of the Law of Expression, a tremendous way to build courage in yourself and stop worrying is to encourage others at every opportunity.  Tell others to “Go for it!” and that “You can do it!”  The more you encourage and reinforce others, the more encouraged and confident you will feel yourself.

The last type of fear is worry, and worry is a form of negative goal-setting.  Worry is a sustained form of fear caused by indecision.  If you worry long enough and hard enough about something, you are going to attract it into your life.  The fact is that most of the things that people worry about never happen.

One of the most powerful techniques ever developed to overcoming fear, stop worrying, and relieving stress is what one of my students called the “worry buster.” Many people have come back to me and said that this simple method has changed their attitudes from negative to positive and enabled them to be more effective in their work and their personal lives than they had ever thought possible.

4 Steps to Worry Busting and Overcoming Fear

Step one is to define the problem or situation you are worrying about clearly in writing.  The best way to do this is to take a pad of paper and draw a line from top to bottom right down the middle.  On the left side of the pad of paper, write a clear description of your problem, the answer to the question, “What exactly am I worrying about?”

Fully 50 percent of all problems can be solved at this definition stage.  In medicine, they say that “Accurate diagnosis is half the cure.”  Many of our worries exist because we have not taken the time to sit down and really define clearly what it is that is bothering us.

Step two is to write out the worst possible outcome of the worry situation.  On the right hand side of the page, answer the question, “What is the worst possible thing that can happen as a result of this problem?”  You may lose your money, lose your relationship, lose your job, your investment, your health, or your prestige.  Whatever it is, write it down.

Steps one and two will quickly start relieving stress that cause worry.  What we have found is that it is resistance to facing the worst possible outcome that causes most of the anxiety and stress associated with worry.  Once you have written down the worst possible thing that can happen, you will find that you will slowly stop worrying.

Step three is to resolve to accept the worst possible outcome, should it occur.  Just say to yourself, “Well, if it happens this way, I’ll learn to live with it.”  Once you have resolved to accept the worst, should it occur, you no longer have anything to worry about.  All the stress caused by denial, by refusing to face what the worst could be, suddenly disappears.

Step four is to begin immediately to improve upon the worst.  Having resolved to accept the worst, should it occur, now think of everything that you could possible do to make sure that the very worst does not occur.  Once you stop worrying and have resolved to accept the worst, your mind will be calm and clear and capable of creative thought.  By overcoming fear you are now in a position to do something constructive.

Begin Relieving Stress and Take Action

The mastery of overcoming fear and the development of courage are essential prerequisites for a happy, successful life.  You can systematically train yourself to the point where, if one day, when someone asks you, “What have you always wanted to do but been afraid to attempt?,” you will be able to answer, “Nothing.”  You will eventually reach the point where your fears have diminished to such a degree that they no longer play a major role in your decision-making.  You will have the courage to set big, challenging, exciting goals, and you will have the confidence of knowing that you can attain them.  You will be able to face every situation with calmness and self-assurance.  You will not be afraid of anybody or anything.  And as your fears die away and your courage grows, your potential becomes unlimited.

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  • Dear Brian,
    Great stuff from the days I attended your speakers training. Your advice to be selfish to become unselfish is great. I invite you to go to and check out the two most powerful yet secret skills that instantly teach unconditional love and happiness. Add them to your teachings on love; they are very powerful. I had a local radio celebrity and actor record them for easy listening. I also hope you will add a small section on your vision board for world peace as we discussed during the speaker training. Your student, Don Pet, M.D.

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  • I really like the comment about staying away from negative people. This is a difficult thing. Everyone is so negative about everything!

    I know I worry too much about everything!
    But as I get older I am slowly realizing that most of those things I worry about never happen; and when they do, they’re not nearly as bad as I worried they would be!

    Great advice!
    Thank you!

  • Hendrik

    Thanks, I’m in stormy waters and this helps me to De-stress and focus on the solution!

  • Thanks brain, your blog is a daily boost for me. I gain a lot of positive attitude from your post.

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    this is an interesting subject.i really appreciate your works,they r enlighting and assure u 2 believe that u can excel in lyf nomatter what!God bless u.

  • Leonard

    This is interesting. I discovered that most of us like worrying just for the sake of worrying. We take no practical steps such as those listed above to redeem ourselves. Worrying seems to be a security for us. I’ve sometimes tried helping worried people (including sometimes myself) & a good number of times, they just seem comfortable with just worrying. Anyway, keep it up Brian.

  • Thank you, Brian:
    I admire your work. It is so important to be able to release our fears so we can embrace our success in life. When we are afraid, we are not able to promote ourselves and talk about our talents. There are so many people that freeze in fear when they have to do a sales call or a job interview. You have helped so many people with your books and programs. Thank you. Edith

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