3 Ways to Succeed In This Economy

Are you wondering what to do to attract clients and create a surge in sales?

Are you frustrated by getting minimal response to your advertising or online promotions? Are you asking yourself,

"How can I avoid having my sales and profits dry up in this market?"

"Should I reduce spending on marketing to preserve cash?"

If you’re like most business owners and marketers, you’re doing everything you know how to bring in more sales, and you’re still not realizing the profits you want. You’ve worked for years to grow your business and now a financial meltdown that you had nothing to do with is making it harder.

What can you do? You could bury your head in the sand and hope you’ve still got a business in a few years. You could copy your competitors’ marketing, but their sales are hurting, too. Or you could ask yourself,

"Is there a way I can actually grow my business in this economy?"

Yes, there are easy and inexpensive ways to increase your profits.

Start with these 3 steps:

1. Change Your Marketing Strategy
When we get the rare cold spell here in San Diego, I change the clothing I wear. I put on a sweater or even a jacket. The same is true for your marketing strategy; when the economic climate changes, you need to respond.

In good times you can get away with fairly ineffective marketing, and the rising tide will float your boat along with everybody else’s. In an economic downturn, you can’t afford to be haphazard about your marketing. You’ll pay the price in reduced sales. Spending money on ads or mailings that barely generate sales isn’t affordable anymore.

2. Focus Your Efforts
While fusion food is popular here in San Diego, we don’t have a single restaurant that is a combination of French, Italian, Mexican and Chinese cuisines. Can you imagine a pasta dish with jalapeno cream sauce and a ginger root topping? It’d taste terrible. That’s not a time-tested combination of flavors; it’s a mess in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, most small business marketing isn’t much more than a mess in the kitchen, a collection of sales and marketing activities that don’t work together. Many businesses don’t grow as fast as they could because they don’t have an optimized marketing strategy or a system for implementing it.

3. Use Cost Effective Marketing Strategies
Let me tell you a secret. Some of the most effective marketing and selling tools are inexpensive or even free. Most people don’t use them, so when you do, you can easily beat the competition. 92% of businesses overspend on marketing. They’re wasting money on marketing that isn’t getting results.

You may be doing all the right marketing activities, but without an effective marketing system, you could be struggling for a long, unprofitable time. Now, thanks to marketing expert Charlie Cook, there’s an easy way to transform your marketing, grow your business and maximize your profits.

Magical Marketing

Magical Marketing

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