How to Become a Top Salesperson by Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone and Building Self-Confidence

If you are not particularly skilled at a particular activity, you will be stuck in a comfort zone and feel uncomfortable at the very thought of stepping out of it. Failing to overcome a lack of self-confidence and failing to believe in yourself will prevent you from achieving the kind of success you dream about.

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If you are not good on the telephone, you will avoid the telephone as much as possible. If you are not good at prospecting, you will avoid prospecting as much as possible. If you are not good at confirming the sale and closing the order, you will choke up at the end of the sales presentation and avoid asking for any commitment from the prospect. In every case, your income and your sales will suffer until you decide to step out of your comfort zone and start to believe in yourself.

Learn to Believe in Yourself

Some years ago, a young man in my seminar who had come from a small farming community was selling large, expensive satellite dishes to wealthy land owners. They were new at the time and quite popular, and he was selling two per week, earning $1,000 commission on each one.

He told me that he had never made so much money in his whole life. He had no trouble selling the dishes because the harvest had been good and farmers were installing them so that they would have access to all the channels during the winter. His problem was that, after his second sale of the week, he experienced a form of withdrawal, accompanied by a desire to flee. He told me that he was so overwhelmed by the amount of money he was making that he would go home after his second sale, close all the blinds in his bedroom, and lie on his bed in the darkness for several hours. This was his comfort zone and his self-confidence was dwindling.

Resist the Pull of the Comfort Zone

Whenever you feel any kind of stress in selling, your natural tendency will also be to return to your comfort zone, at a lower level of performance, rather than to continue at what you’re doing until you feel comfortable at that new level. Sometimes this discomfort, which can lead to self-sabotage, is mislabeled the “fear of success.” But what it really is is the experience of attempting to achieve at a level beyond your comfort zone and what you really believe is possible for you.

Feeling Inferior

In her wonderful book You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay says that each one of us has feelings of inferiority that are manifested in the conclusion that we are not good enough. We have low self-confidence and think that we are not as good as other people. We feel that we are not good enough to acquire and enjoy the things that we want in life. Very often, we feel that we don’t deserve good things. Even if we do work hard and achieve some worthwhile objectives, we believe that we are not really entitled to our successes, and we often engage in behaviors that sabotage our successes.

The fact is that you deserve every good thing that you are capable of acquiring as the result of the application of your talents. In order to move forward, you must learn to believe in yourself and develop self-confidence for you to achieve your goals.

Ordinary to Extraordinary

You need to develop your beliefs about yourself to the point where they serve you every day in every way. Men and women who accomplish extraordinary things are just ordinary people who developed their self-confidence mentally to the point where they were able to step out of their comfort zone and overcome the obstacles that stood in their way.

The most harmful beliefs that you can have are what we call “self-limiting beliefs.”These are beliefs about yourself, most of which are not true; but they hold you back nonetheless. Sometimes you, or others, will say that you cannot achieve certain goals because you did not get enough education.

Your Level of Self-Confidence Predicts Your Results

It is no surprise, then, that the top salespeople have high self-confidence with regard to every phase of selling. They make most of the money that is paid in the sales profession. They are the most respected and esteemed people within their organizations and by the customers they call on. Their high, positive self-confidence in selling translate into tremendous sales results and a great life for themselves and their families. You must learn to believe in yourself and increase your self-confidence to become a top salesperson and achieve your desired goals.

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to step out of your comfort zone and learn to believe in yourself to achieve sales success. Do you have any tips on how to build self-confidence and overcome obstacles that stand in the way of you and your goals? Please share and comment below!

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