How to Get What You Want by Helping Others Get What They Want, Part 3 of 4

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One of the most effective ways for you to get other people’s money and other people’s effort is for you to have an idea that can help them to achieve their goals faster than ever before. All great fortunes in America are started by an individual with an idea that he or she executes in such a way that others want to get involved and take advantage of.

J. Van Andel and Rich DeVoss started off as two young men selling vitamins for a multi-level marketing company back in the 50’s. Then they came up with an idea. What if they could manufacture biodegradable, highly concentrated, all purpose soap that could be used in dozens of different ways in the average household? What if this soap were so unique that they could manufacture it at a low price and then set up a multi-level marketing structure so that other people could sell it and make a profit while, at the same time, recruiting others to sell it at a profit.

They went to work with a chemist and came up with a substance called “Liquid Organic Cleanser,” or “L.O.C.” Amway Corporation of Ada, Michigan was born. Today, Amway Corporation has thousands of the finest personal, business and household products available in the world. They have millions of distributors throughout the United States, Canada, Asia, Europe and the South Pacific. And today both J. Van Andel and Rich DeVoss are billionaires and are among the richest men in the world.

In this day of expanding opportunities, there are more ideas buzzing around that you can use to be more successful in your life and career than have ever existed before. Bill Gates dropped out of college with an idea to develop an operating system for the earliest computers. He committed to developing an operating system for the BASIC computer before he even knew how to do it. Later, he bought a little company in Seattle called Microsoft and the basic “Disc Operating System” that they had developed. After several refinements, Bill Gates and Paul Allen created the MS-DOS Operating system which they then sold to IBM as the operating platform for the new personal computer. The rest is history.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen, on the strength of that original idea, are now two of the richest men in the world.

Tom Monahan was an unemployed ex-student with a used car when he came up with the idea that, when people phoned to order a pizza, they were hungry. If this was the case, he concluded, then speed was more important than quality. He rented a bankrupt pizza parlor, hired young people with cars and began offering 30 minute delivery on pizzas sold anywhere within a five mile radius. By standardizing and premaking the pizzas, he turned his little business into a thriving enterprise. As you know, Tom Monahan is the founder of Domino’s Pizza, one of the most successful fast-food restaurant operations in history. Tom Monahan is also a billionaire, one of the richest men in the world, because of his simple idea that, when people ordered pizzas, they valued speed over quality. He gave them the speed and transformed the world of fast-food delivery.

The incredible thing is that, right within your mind, you probably have several ideas, any one of which could make you rich, and famous. The great mistake that you make is that you ignore your own idea because it was you who thought of it. You think that other people who come up with ideas are somehow smarter or more insightful than you. And this is not true!

Einstein came up with the theory of relativity, “E = MC2.” This theory of relativity totally changed our attitude toward physics and the structure of the universe. But Einstein was not a great mathematician. It was left to other people to work out the implications and applications of the formula, which they are still doing today. Einstein did not have to be a great mathematician. He simply needed to have the key insight or idea and then attract the efforts, money and ideas of others to leverage his insight into the revolution in our understanding of the physical universe that it became.

To leverage yourself, you also need other people’s intelligence and other people’s cooperation. You need to be able to attract into your life and work the help, assistance, influence and active involvement of lots of other people in achieving your goals. And you can do this if you can remember the two simple laws that I will now explain.

Learn all of The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement

The first is the Law of Compensation. The Law of Compensation says that whatever you put in, you get out. It is, in a way, a way of rephrasing the “Law of Reciprocity.”

The Law of Compensation says that whatever you do to help or improve the lives of other people, will come back to you. You will be compensated in full measure for everything that you contribute or put in. This willingness on your part to contribute to helping others is a virtual guarantee that others will look for ways to contribute to helping you.

The Law of Compensation also says that you cannot get out if you do not put in. Like the Law of Sowing and Reaping, it is not the Law of “Reaping and Sowing.” The law requires that first you put in, sometimes for a long, long time, but then, by a Law of the Universe, you will be compensated, you will reap the harvest in your own life.

With regards to earning the influence and assistance of other people you must always be looking for other ways to help them to get the things they want so they will be predisposed to helping you to get the things that you want.

One of the reasons that America is the most prosperous and powerful country economically and militarily in the world is because of our free enterprise system. The free enterprise system says that, “The more enterprising you are, the freer you are.”

With our free market system, you can accomplish anything you want in life by simply finding ways to help other people to accomplish the things that they want. And the more creative you are in leveraging and multiplying your talents and abilities times the talents and abilities of others, the higher you can rise and the faster you can move forward in your life.

The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement

The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement

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