How to Get What You Want by Helping Others Get What They Want, Part 4 of 4

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The second law is the Law of Over Compensation. The law says that, anyone can be reasonably successful by putting in and then getting out. But this is not enough for you. You want to enjoy extraordinary levels of success and this requires over compensation. This requires that you put in far, far more than the average person puts in. This requires that you always do more than you are paid for.

The Law of Over Compensation says that your job is to always look for ways to “go the extra mile.”

Remember, there are never any traffic jams on the extra mile. The retiring president of the American Chamber of Commerce once said, “Your success in life will be in direct proportion to what you do after you’ve done what you’re expected to do.”

If all you ever do is what you are expected to do, what you are currently paid to do, then all you will ever get is what you are getting today. But, if you want to put yourself on the side of the angels, you throw your whole heart into doing far more than anyone expects. And as a result, you will reap rewards far faster and greater than any of the people around you.

And no one can stop you from doing more than you are paid for. No one can stop you from coming in a little earlier, working a little harder and staying a little later.

With regard to influencing others to help you, no one can stop you from doing nice things for other people to predispose them to doing nice things for you. No one can stop you from going the extra mile in your relationships, from taking the time to be sensitive, thoughtful and caring with other people. No one can stop you from planting seeds of kindness and generosity wherever you go so that you eventually become surrounded with people who will want to reciprocate and help you to achieve your goals when the time comes.

The underlying factor of great success in business and personal life is the “friendship factor.” This factor is based on the three keys of time, caring and respect.

All relationships are a function of time. You can increase the value of a relationship in proportion to the amount of time that you invest in it. All excellent bosses and influential people are those who invest a lot of time in human relationships, asking questions and listening attentively to the answers. They make a habit of dominating the listening while they let other people dominate the talking.

And the more the other person feels free to talk and express himself or herself, the more open they are to being positively influenced by the person doing the listening.

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Caring is the catalyst that makes all relationships in life function at their very highest. The more a person feels that you care about him or her, the more open they are to be influenced by you. On the other hand, of course, if a person feels that you do not care about them, they will shut down and be closed off to your attempts to influence.

Taking the time to ask people about their lives, to listen carefully to their answers and to find ways to help them aside and apart from the actual business are all demonstrations of “caring.” The more you genuinely care for other people by the Law of Reciprocity, the more they will genuinely care for you and be open to your inputs.

The third principle, respect, is one of the most important of all psychological needs as a human being. They say that “babies cry for it and grown men die for it.”

It is said that everything we do in adult life is either to earn the respect of others or not to lose the respect of the people we respect.

When you genuinely respect another persons ideas, opinions and accomplishments, they genuinely like and respect you and become far more open to your influence than they would be under any other condition.

Your ability to influence other people to help you and cooperate with you, to lend you their money, their efforts, their ideas, their imagination and their support is the key to your accomplishing extraordinary things with your life. The more people that you can attract into your life that will help you and work with you, the more successful you will be and the far faster you will accomplish the goals that you set for yourself.

The wonderful thing is that the most successful people in America today almost invariably began alone, or with one or two other people, with an idea for a product or service that would benefit others. And so can you. No matter where you are or what you are doing, no matter what your situation in life or what has happened to you in the past, there are really no limits on what you can accomplish in the future if you decide to become a person of influence. When you begin to practice the principles that we have discussed in this session, you will find yourself becoming a far more effective and influential person with everyone you meet, and everywhere you go. Your future will become unlimited.

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