Successful Salespeople Do 3 Things Differently

There is a direct relationship between your self-esteem, how much you like yourself and how well you do in sales. The highest paid and most successful salespeople have the highest levels of self-esteem, while the least successful salespeople have the lowest levels of self-esteem and do not operate at their peak performance.

The starting point of peak performance in selling and great success, is for you to begin to think the way the successful salespeople think. As it happens, each time you think the way a successful salesperson thinks, your level of self-esteem goes up. You like yourself more. You make more calls and better presentations. You make more sales and you make more money. Your whole life opens up for you like a summer sunrise when you practice three characteristics of top salespeople. Let’s begin:

1. Peak Performance Successful Salespeople Have Ambition

Ambitious people see themselves as capable of being the best. They know that the top 20% of successful salespeople make 80% of the sales and they are determined to be among that top group. Ambitious, successful salespeople are optimistic about their chances and possibilities. They are absolutely convinced that they can achieve their goals by selling lots and lots of their products or service. And they are completely determined to do it through operating at their peak performance.

Perhaps the most important step you take in the field of selling is the commitment to excellence, the commitment to be the best in your field. Resolve today that you are going to join the top 10% in your industry, in terms of earnings.

2. Peak Performance Selling Is Courage – Eliminate Low Self-Esteem

Successful salespeople work at peak performance and continually confront fears that hold most salespeople back. The major fears that stand as the greatest obstacles on your road to success is the fear of failure and the fear of criticism, or rejection which cause low self-esteem.

As it happens, it is not failure or rejection that hurts you or holds you back. It is low self-esteem caused by the fear of failure or rejection. It is the anticipation of fear or rejection that paralyzes you and holds you back from doing what you need to do in the first place.

Here’s what I learned as a young salesperson. Everyone is afraid! The difference between the hero and the coward is that the hero is brave just a couple of minutes longer. Everyone you meet is afraid of failure and rejection. But the brave person confronts the fear and does it anyway. The average person moves away from the fear, and avoids the fear-causing situation, thus equating to low self-esteem.

Here are the most powerful words you can use to operate at your peak performance, fight low self-esteem, and overcome fears of failure and rejection. When you say, “I am a successful salesperson!” you raise your self-esteem and self-confidence to the point where you feel unstoppable and you eliminate low self-esteem. And this is the mindset of operating at peak performance to become a successful salesperson.

3. Peak Performance Selling Is Commitment

Successful salespeople believe in their companies. They believe in their products or services, and in their ability to succeed at closing the sale. Successful sales people operate at their peak performance of confidence and do not have low self-esteem.

There is a direct relationship between your level of belief in yourself and in the goodness of your product or service and your ability to convince other people that it is good for them. Peak performance in sales have often been called a “transfer of enthusiasm”. The more enthusiastic and convinced you are about what you are selling, the more contagious this enthusiasm is and the more your customer picks it up and acts on it.

We know today that caring is the critical element in successful selling and to becoming a successful salesperson. The more that you love your work, the more committed you are to your company and to your products or services. The more you will naturally,  honestly care about your customer and helping him or her make a good buying decision.

All successful salespeople like themselves and love their work. And their customers can feel it! As a result, the customers want to buy from them, buy from them again and recommend them to their friends.

Successful Salespeople

The Law of Cause and Effect is the iron law of human destiny. What it says is that, anything that anyone else has done, you can do as well, as long as you find out what it is and do it over and over yourself. Remember, no one is better than you and no one is smarter than you. They have just learned the three keys to peak performance selling and they practice them every single day. When you begin practicing these ideas every single day, you will see the results almost immediately.

Successful sales people operate at peak performance and eliminate low self-esteem. If you would like more sales success training tips get my FREE eBook: 24 Effective Closing Techniques

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