Daily Habits of Successful People: It’s All About Routine

The most successful people all have certain habits in their daily routines. These habits help contribute to their success and can be considered good habits to form for yourself.

It could also be something more elaborate such as spending most of your morning in bed like Winston Churchill. Churchill would wake up at 7:30am daily, eat breakfast, read his mail and newspaper until 11am.

My Favorite Habits of Millionaires

Habits of Millionaires vary, but I am going to share one of my favorite daily habits of successful people with you. It is something that I use every day and has contributed greatly to my success.

It is the habit of making a list before the day begins.

Let me tell you below why it is so important…

Here are the 3 steps to planning and making your daily list.

1. Plan Your Day The Night Before

Every minute spent in planning saves 10 minutes in execution. Sit down with a piece of paper and write down everything that you need to do the coming day. If for any reason you don’t do this, it should be the first thing you do every morning. When you write a list you have a track to run on.

Writing a list clarifies your thinking and goals…

Writing down a list forces you to think at a higher level…

If you start working from a list you increase you output 25% each day.

One of the habits of millionaires is that they start their day working from a list.

2. Set Priorities On Your List Before You Start the Day

Work from the 80/20 rule. If you have 10 items on your list of things to do, two will be the more important than all of the other items put together.

Go down your list and answer the question, “If I were to be called out of town for a month, what are the most important tasks that I must accomplish?”

Last fall I was out of the country traveling across 15 countries in 36 days. When I looked at my list of things to do before I left, I had to get my most important tasks done.

Once you identify these most important tasks, it brings us to the final step in starting your day.

3. Complete the Most Important Task First

Begin immediately on your most important task and focus on it and only it until completion.

All success in life comes from project completion and living a life of good habits will help you complete more projects.

A project with multiple tasks is called a “multi-task job”. This means that there are several smaller jobs to complete the larger job. Organize your jobs by sequence in a checklist and start on you most important project.

Complete the smaller jobs in you project, until the entire project is complete. This process is called “single handling” and it’s one of the most powerful things that you can use in managing your time. You can increase your productivity by 50% by planning, starting and completing your most important tasks every single day.


If you can develop these habits of successful people and do those three things, plan your day the night before, organize your tasks in order of importance, and complete your most important task first thing during your day. You will increase your productivity overnight.

What habits of millionaires do you practice when you start your day to make sure you are successful? Leave a comment below and share my post.


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  • Great Routine, Richard. Thanks for reading.

  • Kelvin Saulo

    Probably I didn’t realize I share a few habits with the world’s millionaires. Very insightful, I will keep on…

  • Viviana Ioan

    Thank you, Brian. You’re perfectly right. I myself have published some posts on my blog about short term planning and other simple ways to be successful, avoid stress, and stay young. SELF is the key. I can’t wait to read your ebook.

  • Perfect! Ótimo artigo, venho estudando as mentes mais brilhantes através de buscas incansáveis através da internet e realmente este é um Hábito que todos criaram em suas vidas. Obrigado Brian!

  • David Akinwunmi Majekodunmi

    ive been enriched by your materials indeed, GOALS, FOCAL POINT, EAT THAT FROG, to mention a few and it has helped, infact to the point that i have published now, a personal development diary as against getting a jotter where i have everyday, 24hrs, to do list page, weekly accomplishment and not accomplished tasks, monthly and yearly as well to the end of the year, put it up for sale and presently a hot sale, its off the conventional normal diary concept, it was published last year and it has really helping me personally, i hope to personally follow more this year as much as i can garner from you thanks and God bless you.

  • Martins Amos

    Brian, my name is Martins Amos, from Nigeria. I want to say that you are the most quetessential of our time. God blessed you Sir. thanks for the knowledge.

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