7 Ways to Increase Productivity and Improve Your Learning Curve

There are seven ways to increase productivity, performance and output, by developing a clear vision and increasing your learning curve.

Work Longer Hours

First, work longer hours. Start a little earlier, work through lunchtime and stay a little later. By starting your day earlier than the average person, you beat the traffic into work. By staying a little later, you leave after the traffic. By doing both, you can add two or three hours to your productive working day without really affecting your lifestyle. These extra hours are all you need to become one of the most productive and highest paid people in your field.

Work Harder to Increase Productivity

Second, work harder at what you do. When you work, work all the time you work. Don’t waste time. Don’t look upon the workplace as an extension of school or university where you spend most of your time socializing with your friends. Instead, when you come into work, put your head down and work full blast for the entire day. This practice alone will enable you to increase productivity.

Work Faster with a Clear Vision

Third, work faster. Develop a sense of urgency. Get on with the job. Don’t waste time. Develop and maintain a clear vision and a fast tempo in your work activities. Deliberately move faster from task to task. You’ll be amazed at how much more you’ll get done just by deciding to pick up the pace in everything you do.

Chose High Value Projects

Fourth, work on higher value activities. Remember that it is not the number of hours you work that matters. Rather, it is the value of the tasks that you complete that counts. It is the quality and quantity of results that you achieve. The more time you spend on higher value tasks, the greater results you will obtain from every hour you put in.

Showcase Your Strengths

Fifth, do things you are better at. When you work on tasks where you are especially skilled and experienced, you can accomplish much more in a shorter period of time than could an inexperienced person. In addition, work at getting better at the most important things you do. There is nothing that will increase the quality and quantity of your output faster than for you to become absolutely excellent at performing the most important tasks that are expected of you.

Develop Your Learning Curve

Sixth, bunch your tasks. Do several similar activities all at the same time. By writing all your letters, filling out all your expense reports, or preparing all your proposals at the same time, you get better and faster with each task. You get onto what is called the “learning curve.” Each subsequent task takes you less time. You can actually reduce the amount of time it takes to perform a particular task by 80% by doing several similar tasks one after the other.

Simplify Your Work

The seventh key to productivity improvement is for you to simplify your work with a clear vision of what is important so that it is easier to do. Consolidate several parts of the job into a single task so that there are fewer steps to increase productivity. Eliminate lower value activities altogether.

The Race is On

Compete against yourself to see how much you can get done of high value each day. Make it a game. Set schedules and deadlines for yourself and race against the deadlines. See if you can get more and more done in less time and improve your learning curve.

Develop a clear vision for yourself as a highly productive person. Think about the times in your life when you were most productive, effective and efficient. Think about those situations when you were doing the right things and you were doing them in the right way. You were getting a lot done in a short period of time. You felt terrific about yourself and your performance. You were in that magical state of “flow,” when you felt happy and exhilarated.

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Project forward five years and imagine that you are now one of the most productive people in your field. What would you look like? How would you be working? What would you be working on? What would be your guiding principles for personal performance? How would people describe you to others in terms of the way you work? Let your future vision guide your present performance.

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