[Survey] Do You Want to Write a Book?

According to USA Today, 82% of adults dream of writing a book. That means 8 out of 10 people want to write a book. It means that in America, millions of people have ideas that they want to write about. Your ideas can help influence and help others!

Why do You Want to Write a Book?

You may want to write a book for any of these reasons:

1) You have knowledge of a particular topic or field and a desire to teach.

2) You want to establish or strengthen your position as an expert or thought leader in a topic or industry.

3) You want to make money (it may be a little or a lot)

4) You have a message, mission or experience that they want to share so others can be inspired.

Right now, think about why you want to write a book. Write it down and keep reading.

What is Holding You Back?

Many books are written by people who are not particularly good at writing. Instead, they hire a “writer-for-hire” who interviews them, takes notes on their ideas and insights, and then works it into a book which they go on to publish under their own name.

Many of the bestselling books on the New York Times lists were not written by the person whose name appears on the cover. They were written by other writers.

Why shouldn’t you be the one to get your ideas out there? Do you want the credit for your great ideas?

Now, think about any reasons you may have for not starting to write a book today. What is holding you back from achieving this goal? Write it down.

It could be any of these reasons:

1) “I don’t know where to start.”

2) “I don’t feel qualified to say I’m an expert.”

3) “Lack of confidence or fear.”

4) “Not enough time.”

Remember this, there are more than 2,000,000 books published each year and yours can easily be one of them in the next few months.

Take Action

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