How to Write a Book: 11 Steps You Need to Know to Be a Bestseller

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

We all have a great book idea burning inside of us.

In fact:

Most of us dream about learning how to write a book and get it published.

We imagine how writing a bestseller will change our lives. How it will advance our careers. How it will make us an authority.

So why do we struggle to convert our amazing book ideas into tangible copies?

Here’s the deal:

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a published author, you’re not alone – according to writer Joseph Epstein, “81 percent of Americans feel that they have a book in them — and should write it.”

I created this book writing and publishing guide to help others turn those dreams into realities. It includes the most important steps to planning, producing, and launching your very own book.

I’ve included concepts that should be able help beginners and seasoned authors alike. If I missed any steps you feel are important, please let me know in the comment section so we can update the guide.

How to Write a Book and Get it Published

  1. Determine the reasons why you want to write
  2. Commit yourself to becoming a great writer
  3. Learn the 10 important steps to writing any book
  4. Take action on your dream and start writing it
  5. Organize your thoughts into an outline
  6. Use a book writing template to include all elements
  7. Study writing tips from published authors
  8. Learn from current bestsellers to see what works
  9. Prepare your book for publishing (or self-publishing)
  10. Find a great designer for your book cover
  11. Use book writing apps and software to stay organized

3 Reasons to Learn How to Write a Book

If you have a great idea for a book, there’s a lot to gain from learning how to take the right steps to plan, write, and publish a good one. As I explain in the following video, writing a book is a skill that you can master with focused practice and repetition.

The three ways writing a book will change your life:

  1. Becoming an author is the fastest way to gain credibility
  2. It’s a great opportunity to write about something meaningful to you
  3. You can improve the lives of others

So why don’t more people start writing?

I believe the reason so many aspiring authors struggle to write and publish their books is simple.

They don’t have the right guide… or perhaps any direction for that matter.

That’s what separates them from authors who enjoy lots of time on best-selling lists.

Can you imagine how many books we’d get to enjoy if that 81% of Americans had access to a proven process?

Could it really be that simple?

For most people, writing and publishing a book may seem like an insurmountable task.

However, just like any other seemingly insurmountable task that others have accomplished, the journey from start to finish is best handled one step at a time.

When you have a system that breaks down every step, you simply need to focus on it bit-by-bit until you have a finished project.

In this article:

I’m going to break down the steps for how to start writing a book, how to create a book that will actually sell, and how to get a book published. Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a published author.

pen between pages asks 'do you want to write a book?'

How to Be a Writer

Thinking about writing a book for the first time? That’s great!

You should know:

Being a great writer doesn’t require you to have a Master’s degree in English or be a prodigy at spinning words. The truth is that writers come from all walks of life, and some of the most successful authors in the world often lived half their life with no real intention of ever writing a book.

What’s the bottom line?

All you have to do to be a successful writer is choose a story to tell and learn how to tell it. That’s it. If you have information that people would pay to hear or a story that will captivate their imagination, and you can develop the writing skills you need to package that information or story in the best way possible, then you certainly have what it takes to be a great writer!

Steps to Writing a Book

While planning is no doubt important when writing your bestseller, it’s all too easy to get stuck in limbo when it comes to that step.

You might find it helpful to keep the big picture in mind as you progress through your book writing journey. To do this, simply consider the steps for writing a book.

What are the Steps for Writing a Book?

This is a frequently asked question among authors-to-be. While many writers take a unique approach, I’ve found there are several common steps throughout the process.

I created a shortlist of the steps I believe have the greatest impact, based on my experience writing and publishing over 70 books.

The 10 most important steps to writing a book are:

  1. Schedule time that you can commit to writing each week
  2. Choose a message that you want to share with people
  3. Focus on a topic with which you have lots of experience
  4. Learn even more about your subject by reading related books
  5. Collect enough research to back up all of our points with examples
  6. Organize your material in a logical order and break into chapters
  7. Write quickly during your designated writing times
  8. Edit when you’re done writing all of the content
  9. Create a book proposal to pitch to publishers
  10. Support your book launch with a marketing campaign

How to Start Writing a Book

When you are writing a book for the first time, it’s crucial that you simply begin by setting ink to paper. Many would-be authors get bogged down thinking they need to have the entire book planned out – all the chapters outlined and all the questions answered – before they ever begin to write.

The ancient Chinese philosopher Laozi famously said that “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. In few instances is this piece of wisdom more true than when you are figuring out how to start writing a book.

How to Get Started with Writing a Book

The best way to start writing a book is to simply start with chapter one. Write the first sentence, then the first paragraph, then the first page.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, and you may very well end up changing it later, but getting even the first page written allows you to make it further than most ever do – you will have begun writing a book.

Once you’ve started writing, you can begin planning and outlining your piece.

What is a Book Outline?

A book outline is a map that guides authors and their book to the end of their writing journey. It should help set the stage, organize the scenes, and clarify how the entire story or message comes together.

How much planning you end up doing is largely up to you. Some authors prefer to have a detailed outline that is well fleshed-out from start to finish while others barely have an outline at all, preferring instead to let the book unfold as they write it.

How Do You Begin to Write a Book?

Whichever strategy you choose, the important part when figuring out how to write a good book is to take it one step at a time. Build your outline piece by piece, write your book page by page, and, eventually, you’ll have it finished!

At that point, you will simply need to follow the basic steps to publishing a book.

Choosing a Book Template

Assuming you do decide to create an outline for your book – which is recommended, especially for first-time authors – you’re going to need a template to start with. The good news is that there are book design templates available which can give you an invaluable head start in creating an outline.

These templates provide you with a skeleton that you can be fleshed out into a book, which can be incredibly valuable, especially when you are first starting out.

If you would like to try one out, you may download my free book writing template here.

Tips for Writing a Book

As a published author of over 70 books, a question I hear a lot is, “Brian, how do you write a book multiple times each year?”

To be honest:

Sometimes I have to take a step back and say “Gee-whiz, how do I write so many new books?”

But the answer’s always the same:

I follow the same guide and process every time… AND I write quickly!

Once you’ve started putting pencil to paper, here are a few of my best writing tips to speed up the process.

Some of the book writing tips I’ve found to be most useful include:

1. Read Books in the Genre You are Writing

One of the best ways to develop your writing skills is to read the works of successful authors who have already published books similar to the one you are writing. If you immerse yourself in these books, you’ll subconsciously borrow from the style of the author you are reading. Assuming they are a talented, successful writer, this is almost always a good thing.

2. Write Feverishly, Edit Meticulously

When you first start writing a new page or a new chapter, it should come as an uninterrupted flow of conscience. Don’t worry about how good it sounds or how many mistakes there are – simply write. Write feverishly until that page or chapter or whatever section you are working on is done. This is also a good way to combat writer’s block.

Later, you can go back and carefully edit your work, pruning away unnecessary content, polishing your writing, and weeding out mistakes. In the beginning, though, it’s getting your thoughts onto paper that is the most important.

3. Consider Taking Writing Classes

Few things will help you better fast-track your writing skills than taking one or more quality writing courses. Thankfully, there is no shortage of these courses available for you to choose from. Pick one with a stellar reputation and use it to hone your skills as a writer.

4. Spend Extra Time Working on Your Book Title

You should assume 80% of people will read your headline, while only 20% will end up reading it. That means you should spend extra time working on an emotional and impactful title. Learn more about how to write a perfect book title here, or check out my free guide below.

My Secret List of Book Writing Tips for Quick Reference

  1. Read books in the genre you are writing
  2. Write feverishly, edit meticulously
  3. Consider taking writing classes
  4. Spend extra time working on your book title
  5. Use a book writing template
  6. Follow a proven system
  7. Create a writing space at home
  8. Commit yourself to creating at least one page per day
  9. Experiment with writer’s block hacks to find one that works
  10. Stay focused by reading and watching tips on writing motivation

Want even more advice?

Be sure to check out out my author resource page for more writing tips, too!

How to Make a Book be a Bestseller

Every new author dreams of having their book be a bestseller. While there is no way to guarantee that your book will make it on the bestseller list, there are a few things you can do to make it more likely.

Consider this:

Writing a bestseller starts by choosing a topic or a story that people are going to engage with. It needs to be unique enough to set your book apart but general enough to appeal to a wide audience.

Take a look at the books that are currently bestsellers:

  • What topics are they written on?
  • Do they have any common themes?
  • Why do you think these books are as successful as they are?

Answering these questions will help you craft your own book in such a way that it becomes more likely to be a bestseller as well.

Once you have a great topic to inform your readers on and/or a great story to tell, the next step to writing a bestseller comes down to your skills as a writer. To make a book a bestseller, your writing needs to be clear and captivating. While the story you tell is certainly important, so is the way you tell it.

Your prose doesn’t necessarily have sing like Shakespeare’s, but it does need to be polished enough that people thoroughly enjoy reading what you write.

The rest of the process involved with making a book a bestseller comes down to effective marketing and a lot of luck. If you get the basics right, though, your odds of ending up on the bestseller list will be much higher.

How to Publish a Book

The book publishing game has drastically changed in recent years.

In the past, publishing a book meant you had to convince publishing companies to look at your work and like it enough to publish under their name.

Of course, this is much easier said than done, and even the world’s most successful authors such as J.K. Rowling had to deal with countless rejections and years of waiting before they were able to finally publish their book.

In many ways, though, this process is a thing of the past.

How to Become a Published Author This Year

The process of writing and publishing a book has evolved tremendously over the past decade.

Many aspiring authors used to struggle greatly in this area; however, self-publishing has become a great alternative to traditional publishing.

How Do You Self-Publish a Book?

You can self-publish by creating an account with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and uploading your book in .MOBI format after you have written and edited it. Simply follow the steps they provide on their platform and you should be on your way to being a published author!

Note: If you wrote your book in Word, you can use conversion software such as Calibre to convert it to .MOBI for free.

Self-publishing has made it so that anyone can publish their work and start selling it directly to readers. The process of self-publishing a book is quite simple, and, if you take the time to do it right, the results can be just as effective and spectacular as any book published by one of the major publishing companies.

One of the pioneers in turning self-publishing into a legitimate choice for authors everywhere is Amazon.

Amazon’s self-publishing has made it incredibly easy for anyone to publish their book on the largest book-selling platform in the world. Through the variety of services that Amazon offers, you can publish your book in digital, print, and even audio format.

Really, the only parts of the publishing process that Amazon doesn’t do for you is cover design and formatting (although it does have a built-in a cover creator).

Wondering How to Design Your Cover?

Thankfully, there are countless cover designers and book formatters who will help you through these steps for a very reasonable price. While the question of how much it will cost to publish a book largely depends on who you work with and the prices that they charge, the short answer is that it is usually quite affordable, especially if you shop around.

Once you have your book fully edited and polished, you have a great, professional-looking cover for it, and you have it formatted in such a way that it will look great in E-book and print formats, the process of publishing your book becomes quite simple.

Just follow the clear steps that they layout and your book will be for sale in a matter of hours. Never before has got a book to market been so easy, making it a truly great time for new authors everywhere.

Of course, Amazon isn’t the only platform where you can sell your book, and other self-publishing companies exist that will help you reach an even wider market.

For instance, you may wish to also publish your book on iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords, just to name a few. The important takeaway is that there is no shortage of options as to where you can publish your book and how you can choose to market it.

Platforms such as Amazon Book Publishing and others give you the power of an entire publishing company at your fingertips.

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Book Writing Apps and Writing Software

As you can see in the example of self-publishing, technology has greatly influenced the way authors bring their books to market.

However, it has also greatly influenced the way authors write their books in the first place as well.

Here’s what you should know:

Effective writing software and book writing apps can help you take your writing skills to the next level by helping you organize your work, providing you with tips and analysis as you go along, and more. Best of all, some of the best writing apps are available completely free of charge.

Before you set pen to paper, be sure to check out some of the free book writing software that is available.

Here’s a quick list of book writing apps and software to get you started:

At the very least, this software will help you better organize your book and you keep you on track to completion, and, depending on the software you choose, it may prove incredibly valuable in helping you create a book that readers will love.

I Want to Write a Book!

For some, the desire to write and publish a book is a burning passion.

There’s simply something about having your story told in the written word that has been a driving influence for mankind for thousands of years. Some trends come and go, but the idea of reading and writing books is one of the cornerstones of humanity.

What’s the bottom line if you want to write a book?

If you are one of the people who burn with the desire to write and publish a book, or if you simply see it as a great way to further your career and make some extra money, know that the only thing standing between you and becoming a published author is hard work and dedication.

With those two factors and a proven guide to writing a book, you will be unstoppable!

If you follow the right steps to write a book and dedicate yourself to your craft, there is no reason why you can’t take a book from concept to finished product in a reasonable timeframe. And, thanks to the many benefits of self-publishing, once you’ve written your book, getting into the hands of readers everywhere is easier than ever before.

My final piece of advice for your book-writing journey is to tell you to go for it!

The main difference between those who are published authors and those who are not is that published authors actually followed through with their dreams, taking it one step at a time using a proven book writing guide.

If you can do that, you’re on the verge of seeing your name on the front of a bestselling book. Be sure to visit this article frequently to keep your writing motivation revved up!

What would your book be about? How will you get started writing it? Leave a comment below. For more information on becoming a bestselling author, join my webinar by clicking the button below.

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