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Customer Reviews - 21 Great Ways to Hire and Keep the Best People

21 Great Ways to Hire and Keep the Best People

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5 out of 5 stars  your book "DISPLACED MY DNA"

By Dr.Shilpa Totala, India "Owner and Director of "MediRecruiters"- a global level dr's recruitment consultancy" (Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India)

Your book- "Hire and Keep the Best People" offers indispensable insights into recruiting and retaining top talent. Tracy's blend of wisdom, experience, and actionable strategies makes this book a must-read for anyone involved in talent management.

Tracy's emphasis on simplicity and effectiveness in hiring and retaining talent is refreshing. His focus on clarity in defining job roles, ongoing training, and creating a positive work environment resonates deeply. Real-life examples and case studies illustrate the practical application of Tracy's principles.

Tracy equips readers with practical tools and exercises to implement his strategies effectively, fostering a culture of learning and innovation.

In "Hire and Keep the Best People," Brian Tracy provides a comprehensive guide to unlocking talent within organizations. I am extremely grateful for Tracy's invaluable insights and practical guidance in navigating the complex landscape of talent management. youu refreshed me inside out...washed away garbage, toxins from my mind...i am into Gloabl doctors recruitment profession, and I have no words to express how much this is going t help me.

5 out of 5 stars  Two things you will always find in my car...

By Richard Nikodem, Jr.

Two things you will always find in my car... gas and a Brian Tracy audio lesson.

5 out of 5 stars  Want to be the best? Learn from the best!

By Jim Cathcart

Personal Success and Brian Tracy are synonymous. Nobody I know can teach you more about how to achieve and succeed than Brian. He makes the case clearly and then proves it in his own remarkable life. If he recommends it, do it! He knows what he's talking about.

5 out of 5 stars  No more "winging it"

By Randy Solti (Detroit, Michigan)

As I would expect is common, I did not pursue a career in HR. It was sort of thrust upon me. I obviously had aptitude for it, otherwise I would not have been considered for the job. However, until I read ‘Hire and Keep the Best People’, I was competent at the least – and efficient at best. Now I can say with absolute confidence that I am a really good HR director. I’ve gotten a pay raise, I’m very secure in my position and I have developed a true instinct for what I do and it feels great to be working at that level.

21 Great Ways to Hire and Keep the Best People

21 Great Ways to Hire and Keep the Best People

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