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Customer Reviews - Crunch Time!

Crunch Time!

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5 out of 5 stars  Thank you for the outline of Crunch Time

By Lorenda Bardell "Crunch Time!"

Thank you for the outline of Crunch Time. This was my first teleseminar and my first opportunity to listen to Brian Tracy. All the points given in Crunch Time could be applied to business as well as in one's personal life. The ideas were well presented in a concise candid manner. The core thoughts were thought-provoking and, if applied, will definitely lead to beneficial results and greater success in one's life. In one hour Brian shared hundreds of excellent ideas that he has proved in his life. Thank you. I have already ordered some other books. I am interested in the next seminar, Double Your Sales, Double Your Income!

Lorenda Bardell

5 out of 5 stars  ... You must listen to this CD

By Charles Kelley (London, UK)

If you are in business - you must listen to this CD! This CD is packed full of useful and practical ideas to help you survive the ups and downs that will inevitably come your way in business. How you succeed in business and life depends not on what problems you get, but in what you do about them.

Crunch Time!

Compact Disc
67 Minutes of Audio
$24.95  $22.95

67 Minutes of Audio
$24.95  $21.95

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