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Customers for Life

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5 out of 5 stars  Turning "Customers" into "Cheerleaders"

By Robert Widmark "Owner of" (Central PA)

Brian's message is so true. It is so much easier to have repeat business from satisfied customers than to cold call for new customers.

There is untapped gold in my current customer list. Is my business the kind of business that I would want to continue to patronize for life?

I want my customers to really be "cheerleaders" for my business. Brian's information is helping to make that a reality.

4 out of 5 stars  Learn to "Amaze" Your Customers!

By Joe Borsuk "Owner, Borsuk Design .com" (Cleveland, Ohio USA)

Highly informative about how to get a customer, build a relationship, and hold onto them for repeat business!

Tracy goes into great detail about the buying habits of customers and how you can capitalize on them. He explains how to meet, exceed, delight and then finally "amaze" your customers. I've since tried these techniques on my clients and found them priceless! They really do work.

He explains how to turn customer complaints into profit. Why complaints are opportunities to keep a customer loyal to you more so than if there was no complaint to begin with. Instantly useful Information!

Customers for Life

Customers for Life

67 Minutes of Audio
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