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Customer Reviews - Eat That Frog! 3rd Edition

Eat That Frog! 3rd Edition

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5 out of 5 stars  Honestly, this was not just a fun read, but a necessary staple read if:

By Joshua Clayton "Writer" (Inglewood, CA)

If you want ideas that get you of your but (not just your butt), this is your book.

If you want ideas that help you become a winner not just on paper, this is ultimately your book.

The best books read you, and you do not read them until they stick like a lance in your side. This is genuinely one of those. Sure, I have read all the editions of this book, especially the first edition, but I will say here that all the editions merit reading if you can get your hands on them! Because they get you off of your "but" and not just your "butt" when applied fully. So, I say in the spirit of Brian Tracy, eat that frog! Take action! Do something right for yourself. Read this great book for starters.

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