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Customer Reviews - Flight Plan

Flight Plan

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5 out of 5 stars  Truely Motivating

By (Nigeria)

This CD made me realise the season I've not achieved my plans was me. It got up from my comfort zone into quick action. One cannot listen to this audio cd and still remain the same.

5 out of 5 stars  Get It, Use It, It Works!

By James Wolfe (Titusville, FL)

Brian is consistent in everything he does. Today as he was twenty years ago and longer.

Get anything you can from Brian and use it because it's all based on time proven principles. And it all works.

If you want a shortcut to success in any worthwhile endeavor, get this program. I'm all for any work that Brian has culminated, simplified, and produced. But Flight Plan CD is a no nonsense step-by-step path to follow to reach whatever goal you're striving for.

I've used the information Brian has generously made available to change my life. Both professionally and personally.

5 out of 5 stars  Great item!

By Tracy Royce "Tracy Royce" (Phoenix, AZ)

Great audio book with lots of meat and potatoes, not just "ra ra". Great anology (flight plan) and many takeaways!

5 out of 5 stars  Thanks from an NFL Football Player

By Rocky Boiman

My name is Rocky Boiman, I am a veteran NFL football player of seven years, and over a year ago I became familiar with Flight Plan. I read it once and immediately enjoyed it. As the summer went on, right before the season started I was released. Weeks went by and I heard nothing. There were many times where I questioned whether I really wanted to do this anymore, whether I still wanted to play this game that I had loved so much in my life. I went back to Flight Plan many times, over the course of those weeks, reading different sections at random when I needed to get a "pick me up". One section in particular keep standing out, and that was the fact that most people quit on their goal just before it was about to come to fruition. I keep training, kept working and eliminated negative thoughts as soon as they crept into my head. 5 weeks into the season I was picked up by the Kansas City Chiefs and went on to have my best season, having career highs in tackles and production. It worked out to be a better situation than had I stayed and made the team in Philadelphia where I would not have had the opportunity to contribute near as much.

With all that said I now find myself in the same situation. While coming off a great season I (unbelievably) am still presently a free agent as the season approaches. I have again gone back to the book many times, as it helps me keep my faith and strength. I still believe I will get picked up and will go on the have a great season. Then I will have you to thank again!!! Thank you Brian Tracy and those involved!

Rocky Boiman

5 out of 5 stars  Setting goals in your life.

By Belinda K. Ellsworth (Pinckney, MI)

Though there weren't many brand new lessons in it for me, it reinforced things I already knew and helped me see them in a different light.

The author uses an interesting analogy for the process of setting goals in your life, one of an airplane trip from coast to coast, to demonstrate that to be successful you first need to determine where you're going and establish your "flight plan." From there, he carries the metaphor through the book to guide your thinking through the process of setting appropriate goals, getting moving on those goals, and the value of persistence.

This book was full of so many good pointers and was very detailed. I appreciated that it was direct and to-the-point with very easy-to-implement application ideas and action steps. This is a guide to figuring out where you want to go and setting your plan to get there. He really gets into your head and helps you determine what's holding you back. In particular I enjoyed how he equated the little challenges we come up against in our journeys with turbulence!

This really is one of the better books I've read on the power - and importance - of goal setting, mainly because it really has the "meat and potatoes" that make it actually useful and something you can apply.

I can recommend this book to anyone who wants more success and less frustration in their lives. Whether you're looking for this kind of hands-on guidance or some motivation, in Flight Plan you'll find all the steps to get you on course and keep you on course.

5 out of 5 stars  Repetition is the father of learning?

By James Aldrich

I enjoy all of Mr Tracy's audio programs. This one is by far one of his best works! He does repeat older points but he also adds new insights that are mind blowing! Repetition is the father of learning?

5 out of 5 stars  Flight Plan was successful plotting of course

By Steven N. Laux (Stayton, Oregon USA)

What a wonderful collection of wisdom is this audio version of a Flight Plan for a person's life. Brian Tracy is among the elite in self-help programs and dispenses pearls of wisdom under this collection. I would highly recommend.

5 out of 5 stars  Thanks Brian

By Jack Conner "Entrepreneur" (Phoenix, AZ)

Thanks for giving me so many tools to help me achieve lifelong success! I've already got your book flight plan it's great and reminds me to do things from your other programs that sometimes i forget! I really want to reach my full potential so thanks for giving me so many great life-long tools i can use to help create it!

5 out of 5 stars  Real world advice

By Shon Messer (Birmingham, AL)

This book provides a proven method to be happier and earn money. I have taken more risk, started a new business, increased my income, savings, network, and happiness as a result of Brian's teachings. This book is not academic strategies that work in an ideal world but rather a practical prescription for success written by someone who is in the street everyday speaking, consulting, and solving problems. Do yourself a favor and make the best investment you can and that is in your own development. Thank you.

Flight Plan

Flight Plan

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