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Customer Reviews - How the Best Leaders Lead

How the Best Leaders Lead

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4 out of 5 stars  A Wealth of Information

By Kate M. Smalley "Freelance secretary and transcriptionist" (Branford, CT USA)

How the Best Leaders Lead, by Brian Tracy, is a roadmap to becoming a successful leader. Mr. Tracy uses language that is clear and understandable, and that imparts a sense of camaraderie, as he shares his experience in leadership with us as well as the tools necessary to achieve excellence in ourselves and others on our team. In today's economy, it is more important than ever that we take a step back and reexamine ourselves, as well as those on our team, to ensure that we accomplish our goals in achieving sales and growth, which naturally results in increased profitability.

We can use How the Best Leaders Lead as a guide to learning and gaining a greater understanding of the most critical responsibilities of leadership, and to avoid the number one reason for business failure today. The responsibilities of a great leader are timeless, and have been studied throughout the years. Mr. Tracy shows us the reason why businesses fail, who is responsible and how a company can create and keep customers and understand what is standing in our way to success. He gives us the tools to remove the obstacles and push through the barriers, if we are open to really focusing on the tough questions that we need to be asking ourselves and those around us.

The importance of clarity is addressed, as well as keeping things simple and measurable which allows us to achieve goals and chart progress. Do those on your team understand your point of view and your objectives? The importance of communication is highlighted as well as sincerely understanding the motivation of those on your team and why they do what they do.

There really is a wealth of information covered in the book: the responsibilities of leadership; understanding yourself and what is most important to you, as a person as well as a professional; the qualities that will lead to success through practice and repetition; understanding strategies used by the military to gain victory and understand competition; how to cultivate winning teams, set goals and achieve measurable results, and communication issues and problem solving skills that will remove blockages to success.

I recommend Brian Tracy's book, How the Best Leaders Lead, to anyone who wants to become a better and more productive leader, assemble strong and winning teams, understand themselves and others, learn motivating factors that are more important than earnings, as well as to those who want to achieve better work/life balance that will surely result in managing one's workday more productively and successfully.

Thanks for reading my review!

4 out of 5 stars  Tried-and-true leadership techniques

By Rolf Dobelli "" (Switzerland)

Brian Tracy offers sound advice to help leaders succeed. His advice is entirely solid: Set goals, be innovative, be decisive, motivate your people and focus on results. You don't need a book to teach you, "to fulfill your potential, you must become excellent at what you do," but you may welcome the pep talk and the reminder. Such popular advice has made Tracy a best-selling author with 45 books to his credit and, apparently, has given him permission to quote himself at will. You may have to find your own balance as you weigh his counsel to exercise and spend more time with your family against his advice to go to work early, stay late and be available on weekends, but that's a true reflection of the dilemma of modern leadership. Overall, getAbstract finds that Tracy's concepts, tips and suggestions offer a steady foundation of the basics of leadership amid today's challenges.

5 out of 5 stars  BE A TOP LEADER!

By Mark LaMoure "Willpower=Waypower" (Boise, ID)

"How The Best Leaders Lead" by Brian Tracy is a precious book by a specialist in the field of leadership excellence. Mr. Tracy targets proven secrets to getting the most out of yourself and others so you can become a top leader and deliver the best results. Brian discusses the best leadership habits he practiced on a daily basis for decades, which catapulted him to being one of the world's finest authors and businessmen in self-help and personal development. Copyright 2010.

How the best leaders lead people is the book's core topic. Tracy talks about real world leadership and delivers nuclear-powered ideas for being the best leader you can be. The world sorely needs better leaders. Brian's book fills that need well, guiding you with "seven basic responsibilities of leadership" to be at your best.

Tracy discusses some of the greatest business leaders in history. He imparts experiential knowledge, drawn from proven success and fields of battle in business. Insiders secrets are shared on:
1. How you can prepare for leadership.
2. What to do, what to avoid and how to win the leadership game.
3. He identifies strategies and practices to make you a great leader.

Reading the book may empower you to become a top leader in your business. Its overflowing with suggestions you can use to climb to your industry's peak of success.

Excellently written, easy to understand and full of leadership gold nuggets the book is destined to be one of the world's finest. But isn't that what you expect from Brian Tracy? I've been reading his books, listening to his tapes, CD's and watching his videos for over 25 years. The man only gets better, better and BETTER. This is one of Brian's best, top shelf books. Buy the book. You will be glad you did. I rate the book 5 Gold Stars.

5 out of 5 stars  Mastering the Responsibilities of Leadership

By Larry Underwood "Author, 'Life Under the Corporate Microscope'" (Scottsdale, AZ)

I've read hundreds of books covering the subject of "leadership" over the years; most of them have been worthy efforts. This one, by Brian Tracy is as good as it gets.

Tracy's goal is to make the reader a more effective leader by discussing the proven strategies that consistently get superior results, time and time again. As he addresses each issue, he delivers some straightforward advice, often using military analogies to make his point; after all, survival in the business world depends on having a leader who is focused on the mission at hand, and is able to get the "troops" to execute their tasks, swiftly and effectively. This requires a tremendous amount of effective communication to gain the necessary collaboration to make things happen. Indecisiveness won't cut the mustard.

In the end, the reader will come away with a very clear understanding of the qualities of effective leadership; master these techniques, and you'll more than likely stay on the right course for long-term success, in any endeavor. In the highly competitive world of 21st century business, those who fail to lead effectively, will perish; are you motivated now?

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