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How to bounce back from adversity and overcome every obstacle

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Compact Disc
82 Minute Compact Disc
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Resilience! How To Bounce Back From Any Problem Or Adversity…

If you've ever felt down and out

You're not alone. These days it's a common occurrence. But it doesn't have to be that way for you.

You know how good it feels to be up? The incredible natural high feeling you get when you “Beat the odds.”

Listen, I've been down enough times to know that if you don't take positive action to pick yourself up every time you fall…eventually you'll stay down. And that's neither positive nor helpful.

Do you remember learning to walk? How about riding a bike? You'd give it your best shot. You'd put everything you had into walking across the room or riding down the sidewalk and then … catastrophe. You'd fall flat on your face or flip your bike over.

Oh sure it hurt…mostly your childhood pride. But you did something about it. You got right back up and you tried it again. Eventually success was yours. You were walking or riding like you'd been doing it forever.

So what kept you going during these seemingly daunting setbacks?

That's resilience my friend. The ability to pick yourself up and keep moving on.

It's not how far you fall, it's how high you bounce!

The secret successful people use to bounce back from any situation is called Resilience! How to Bounce Back From Any Problem or Adversity. Don't let temporary setbacks and delays keep you from getting what you want!

During my Resilience 1-hour CD, you will discover how to:

  • Respond quickly and effectively to any problem or crisis — This is key to avoiding a hard fall
  • Develop rock-solid confidence and unshakeable courage — You're stronger than you think. Find out how strong
  • Deal with unexpected reversals in your life — You will become unstoppable once you realize how to take control
  • Land on your feet every time — Like a cat, you'll be surefooted in walking through unfamiliar territory
  • Exploit the opportunity in every disaster — You will discover how to find the hidden diamonds when life serves up a field full of rocks
  • Quickly identify the core elements of any problem — Like a good detective, you'll learn to pick your way through the minutiae of any situation
  • Deal when things go wrong — You will learn how to focus on what you can do and discard what you can't
  • Direct a Counter-Attack against any adversary — Like James Bond or Bruce Lee, you'll discover the secret to successfully defend yourself from unforeseen problems
  • Know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em — Like a professional gambler, you'll know exactly what to do when life throws you a bad hand … you'll always play a winning hand
  • Discover exactly what's really happening — Quickly discover the real problem you're facing and deal with it fast
  • Keep Your Head on — How to bounce back when everyone around you is losing it … You'll be the only cool-headed person in the room
  • Take charge of any situation, fast — How to prevent an emotional train-wreck by taking charge of your emotions to keep you in control
  • Become a Lemonade Entrepreneur — “When life deals you lemons, you make lemonade” … You've heard it before, but I'll give you the recipe for making great lemonade
  • Avoid being Victimized — You will learn how to become a master of your circumstances

All this and much more awaits you when you say yes to my Resilience audio program for just $22.95

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Brian has inspired so many to pursue their dreams and to break the constraints of self-doubt. I would encourage anyone interested in expanding and developing their abilities to learn from this master and to open their minds to his good words.

William B. Bennett, Attorney at Law, Manulkin, Glaser & Bennett

But please, don't just take my word for it…

Give me just 1-hour to prove it

That's right! Give me just 60 minutes and I will show you how to accept, deal with, and conquer any problem or situation you might face… now or in your future.

Sure, it's a strong promise, but it's one I know I can deliver on if you'll just give me the chance.

You can experience complete confidence from worry and stress in your life. Almost immediately!

Just follow my simple instructions to dealing with life's mishaps and you will experience a whole new level of self-confidence and peace of mind knowing you can easily deal with whatever comes along.

During uncertain and trying times, your ability to bounce back will determine your success.

So I want to give you a hand up.

I'm sure you will agree with me, it's better to have a hand up than a hand out. Hand outs make you weak. They hold you back from reaching your full potential as a human being.

Sure, they're a great little band aid solution. But long-term, they will stifle your creativity and thwart your future success.

I'm offering you the chance to discover the magic of Resilience. It's up to you to take action now if you are serious about learning to defeat problems and setbacks in your life. Isn't it time you moved on with your life?

And believe me, I've encountered more than my fair share of setbacks in life — And I'm certain you will too…it's just the way of life.

Personal Success and Brian Tracy are synonymous. Nobody I know can teach you more about how to achieve and succeed than Brian. He makes the case clearly and then proves it in his own remarkable life. If he recommends it, do it. He knows what he's talking about.

Jim Cathcart, Speaker and Author

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The most important single quality that you can develop in your lifetime, the one quality that, more than anything else will guarantee you great success, is the quality of becoming "unstoppable!"

My Resilience! How to Bounce Back From Any Problem or Adversity CD is completely Risk-Free! If for any reason you feel you can't use the information I share to positively enhance your life, then I want you to ask for a full and courteous refund. That's my promise to you when you choose to join me on this exciting call.

To your success,

Brian Tracy

P.S. Confucius once said, "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."

I hope you'll join me to learn how you, too, can learn to rise every time you fall.

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Compact Disc

Compact Disc
82 Minute Compact Disc
$24.95  $22.95  (save 8%)


82 Minute MP3
$24.95  $21.95  (save 12%)


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Customer Reviews

A must have
4 out of 5 stars

Great addition to my personal development library great idias and example of scenarios that most people wouldn't find helpful on their quest to greatness but this cd breaks it down nicely....opotunity mixed in difficulty????

Another Winner by Brian Tracy
5 out of 5 stars

Resilience is an Amazing C.D. Brian packs the best Strategies and Techniques available in roughly an hours time that you can apply asap with rapid results! Brian gives real life examples of others who have had extreme setbacks/ adversity in there lives/ Careers and were Resilient! This C.D. Rocks! But I am not surprised! As a Fan of Brian's I own a great deal of his programs ! Having said that, Brian's Materials has taken me off the wrong track and put me on the right track Many years ago! I owe ya Brian. Ty! Dave Cobb

Much Wonderful Advice on "Resilience" MP3
5 out of 5 stars

I had to work in situation this past week that I was worried about because of possible pain from a non-serious, minor medical condition. I decided that I would figure out the worst possible outcome, which would have been that I would have had to have gracefully backed out, and lost the commission.(there was plenty of time for them to find another person had I had to have done so.) - - So, I went anyway, and had no pain and all went well, and more jobs and commissions are on the way as a result of my following Brian's advice on this MP3. I highly recommend it!

Zaltman learning machine
5 out of 5 stars

Great programs learned stuff NOT contained in other tapes on the subject matter

See all 4 reviews...

Testimonials Disclaimer
** All customer reviews are provided by users of this site who are not affiliated with The views expressed in any messages posted by a user do not necessarily reflect those of Some testimonials may claim above-average results, but does not promise that you will experience similar results.

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