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Customer Reviews - Success is a Journey - DVD Plus Bonus

Success is a Journey - DVD Plus Bonus

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5 out of 5 stars  I love the program

By Joshua Clayton "Blog Writer, and" (Inglewood, CA, USA)

I love the ideas in this program, especially the ideas about perseverance and persistence shown through the stories he tells. Could not ask for more in ideas.

5 out of 5 stars  One of the best books I read in my twenties

By Al Ramos (Phoenix Area)

This book set me on a course for achievement that I cannot begin to describe. I was first introduced to Brian Tracy through my father. He gave me a book called Maximum Achievement. I was 23. I had never heard of Brian Tracy before. I read the book within a very short time, and somehow scraped up the money to buy Success is a Journey. I will never forget that time in my life. I had 7 dollars in the entire world in seven different Easter eggs and was wondering how I was going to pay for food and rent. I can probably write about this all evening, but in a nutshell, the message you will get from Brian Tracy is loud and clear - You become what you think about - it's a message that has been around for a long time, but Brian has a system to implement that into your life. I have been in sales now for over 15 years and make great living, and most importantly, have a great life. Today, I am in business and travel all over the country and overseas speaking and working towards my fullest potential and guess what? I became what I thought about. You can too. May your journey be a great one.

4 out of 5 stars  Excellent

By Sterling E. Stokes (Richmond, VA)

I read this book years ago. I feel the information contained therein is tantamount to a classic. It is entertaining and enlightening to say the least. A brisk read, hard to put down. The most wonderful aspect of the book is that it contains many lessons presented in a non-fiction format. It has helped me, and I've utilized many of the lessons contained therein on many occasions. Brian Tracy is a wonderful story teller.

5 out of 5 stars  Excellent adventure

By Scott (New York City)

This book isn't at all like you'd expect from Brian Tracy. This is a young Brian going on one hell of a the Sahara. You can see why he became who he is today. Tracy is very unusual, even though he appears to be a regular guy in a shirt and tie. He's a super-achiever and not one to give up...ever. This book shows some traits, such as an awesome(!) tenacity, as having been already developed to a great extent while still in his early twenties. Quite an inspirational book. This book would be exceptional for a teen or an adult. If you can develop the same skill sets for personal achievement as Tracy has you would more than likely duplicate the same level of achievements. This is a very cool read!

4 out of 5 stars  Very Good

By yuna solon (New York, NY)

If you want to read a biography about the life of a man you really admire, I recommend this book. It shows how he started off, very poor and almost broke, and how he traveled to another country with his friends and went through all sorts of adventures which taught him a lot and made him the person he is today.

The life and death things that he went through really built up his character. he's an admirable man. And reading his story was an important inspiration to me when i was going through problems that were not nearly as bad as his. And I made it out too. All of us can ashieve success by changing our mindset.

So, this book instead of theories, is personal experience. I enjoyed it. He's got great sense of humor and it keeps you spell bound like a thriller, in my opinion at least. :)

5 out of 5 stars  Attention Grabbing!!!

By Yolanda (New York)

I read this book in about two weeks. To be frank I thought it was going to be a boring biography. But, no way! I got caught up into the story, the journey and the learning. I was traveling and learning all at the same time. I couldn’t put the book down, I wanted to know what was going to happen to us next if we were going to make it.

Great book, must read. I'm going suggest to my 18 year old son to read it.

5 out of 5 stars  Excellent!

By R. Baughman

This is one of Brian Tracy's best literary achievements! Based on his real life experiences, "Success is a Journey" is an often harrowing story of triumph over adversity on the road to goal achievement. As Brian says, you can have most anything you want in life if you focus on it as a goal and are willing to pay the price to get it. This book demonstrates vividly that most goals in life are attainable and if we deem them to be out of our reach, we are often engaging a condition of mindset, not based in reality. Once this simple fact is fully understood, you can rise to almost any challenge. This is a tremendously uplifiting piece of work that I would heartily recommend to anyone with a dream. Brian Tracy has certainly been a source of inspiration for me.

5 out of 5 stars  Solid Advice and an Interesting Travel Tale

By Eric Anderson "ejaya" (Tampa, FL USA)

In Success is A Journey, Brian Tracy describes his travels from Europe to Gibralter on the way to South Africa. He and his two young friends boldly act on goal of seeing Africa and making the trip from England to South Africa with little money and lots of ingenuity.

After each of the steps in the journey, Tracy shares a lesson drawn from the experience. As it turns out, most of the book is spent on crossing the Sahara. Once the crossing is made, there are only two paragraphs written about the rest of the journey to South Africa. The last sections of the book nicely summarize seven life lessons and the book closes with a good glossary of famous quotations on achievement.

There really is not much that is new or revolutionary in the advice given in this book. Nonetheless, the story is well told and there are worthwhile lessons for success confronting the smaller Saharas of everyday living.

5 out of 5 stars  Entertaining and Informative

By Mark Bancroft (Visalia, CA USA)

This audio presentation was very well done. It offers the listener both an entertaining story and a "best of Brian Tracy" all in one. Good gift idea for someone who you think may be interested in personal development. The story and success key points are direct and fast paced- the listener never gets bogged down. Listening to the tape has helped me stay motivated in the midst of some very difficult business setbacks. Thank you Brian Tracy.

Success is a Journey - DVD Plus Bonus

Success is a Journey - DVD Plus Bonus

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