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Customer Reviews - Success Mastery Academy

Success Mastery Academy

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5 out of 5 stars  Buy The Program

By James Wolfe "Sales Consultant" (East Coast Florida)

If I could only acquire one Brian Tracy product - book, CD, Video, etc - this would be it. Success Mastery Academy is the best information for getting everything you want. It will not let you down. Listen to it, apply what you learn, and repeat.

5 out of 5 stars  Time well spent

By Teuvo Kilpiö (Turku Finland)

Success Mastery Academy is about the best deal I ever made. And I love Brians books as well. I've be listening a couple hours each and every day the most inspiring thoughts. I have made my bicycle a University on wheels. Not made my breakthrough yet. Clarity in teaching is impressive. Best speaker I have ever heard. I'm also making notes of the Success Master Academy lessons to make them easier to remember and so apply. Change your thinking, Change your Life is a great book. I like Brians positive vocabulary. Starting to apply the ideas in my daily life, to become architect of my own life.

5 out of 5 stars  Brian Tracy at his best!

By (Toronto, Canada)

If you're looking for a foundation on how to think, plan and act like successful people do -- this is it.

The course itself is fantastic, but Brian Tracy's delivery is world-class.

5 out of 5 stars  Just What the Doctor Ordered

By John S. Robinson "Sales Consultant" (Barrie, Ontario Canada)

Ever since I have listened to the CD's Business has just taken off! I reached out to Brian Tracy and explained to him that I have had a very successful career but was about 8 years or so from retirement and was starting to find myself a little less motivated (thinking about golfing and the "Retirement Life" in Florida). Well Brian suggested that I get these CD's and they have helped out very quickly with many different aspects of business and personally. I continually listen to the CD's and every time I do I hear something different that is beneficial! Very entertaining and informative is the best way to describe the Program!

5 out of 5 stars  Just do it

By Ruben Alvarez "Diesel Mechanic" (San Antonio Texas)

Excellent program I think I'm a Brian Tracy addict. My next step is a live event.

5 out of 5 stars  Life Changing!

By Michael Clayton "Professional" (Texas)

I've listened to the complete series more than 10 times over the last three years. It revolutionized my thinking and success.

5 out of 5 stars  A Very Effective "Life Altering" System effective

By Jason Armstrong "Northeast Sales Rep - Lab Products"

My wife purchased your program "Success Mastery Academy" about a year ago. She dove right into it and has become a different person. She is so productive in her professional AND personal life. She is happier and more in control of just about everything that goes on in her/our life. I have started listening to the cd's and reusing her workbook. Despite the strong requests, we refuse to pass it around in fear that it will be damaged or lost and Lexy "reviews" the material often.

5 out of 5 stars  LIFE CHANGING!!

By Mohd Ridzuan "Project Engineer for Aker Kvaerner" (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Success Mastery Academy is simply amazing! I'd seriously recommend it to anyone who wants the best life has to offer. Since I listened to the program, I recently got assigned to a few major projects and my relationships have never been so good. It's seriously life changing!!

The program has excellent value, entertaining, motivational and very educating.... A REAL MASTERPIECE.

You will experience positive changes after the first CD itself. If you are married, I'd strongly suggest listening to this program together with your partner. It has done wonders for me and my wife.

5 out of 5 stars  If My House Were On Fire...

By Al Fike (Richardson, TX (Dallas))

If my house were on fire, and I had to retrieve 2 items from my massive library of audio programs, if would be Brian Tracy's "Success Mastery Academy" and "Solomon's Treasures" by Steven Scott. I own nearly all of Brian's programs, but when I got SMA, I said, "This is a home run! Brian has knocked the ball out of the park!" I am a professional comedian, author and speaker; and this program is hugely responsible for the success I've had the last few years as a comedian and author. Brian motivated me to finish my book.
I would also add that it's usually hard to make a comedian laugh, but Brian Tracy makes ME laugh, while educating me in the process. You'd be very wise to invest in this treasure of 16 CDs. No matter what field you're in, this program will catapult you to a new level of success! --Al Fike, Author of "The Ultimate Self-Help Book: 31 Days in Proverbs."

5 out of 5 stars  Success Mastery Academy Program

By Celeste Regal (Louisiana, USA)

I discovered this program when I was at a personal impasse. I never considered myself a business person and surely had nothing to do with sales. But in my desperate need for a good word, I listened to a few clips from the program and was immediately enlightened. I took my last few dollars and have not disappointed with my purchase.

Brian Tracy is at his most lively and inspiring on this 16 disc seminar. Compassionate, humourous, erudite, he engages the listener with a well-rounded range of influences and ideas. These rare qualities make him a devoted master and student of the world at large. This information can be applied in anyone's life no matter where they are. You could be in the worst case scenario and find solace and a great plan to work your way to whatever success you want. With time, diligence and application, anything is possible with Brian Tracy and your own heart as a guide. I highly recommend.

5 out of 5 stars  The BEST Audio Program I Have Ever Listened To!

By Charles Kelly (London, UK)

I would rate this as the best program I have ever listened to, and I have listened to a lot of tapes over the years.
I am in the process of ordering another copy for my co-director as I think it's a must for any serious business person. This is a live recording of Brian at his finest, and I must say, he is amazing at what he does.
The workbook is very effective & easy to follow. I am already making progress and I haven't even finished the series yet! This is a masterpiece! The "Mona Lisa" of a wonderful repertoire.
Well done Brian!

5 out of 5 stars  The ONE Program to Get

By Dr. Cheryl Jack, MD (Nebraska)

This program is one I will never lend...because it won't come back. The section on goal setting and getting is just awesome. Brian is energetic, straight-shooting and ON-Target. I use these techniques every day to help clients overcome their self-imposed limitations. Simply put, it is a "Manual for Life". Well done, Brian.

5 out of 5 stars  This is the TOTAL PACKAGE!

By Reginald Green (Tucson,)

This program is ALL that one needs to change ANY area of their life that needs the fine tuning that will take them to the "Head" in any field! I always recommend all of Brian Tracy's programs to all of my friend and associates and they have produced amazing results!

5 out of 5 stars  This Literally Turned My Life Around

By David Rachford

Thank you for your programs! Two years ago, I puchased your "Success Mastery Academy" package. Your fast paced, entertaining delivery struck a chord with me and I decided to begin challenging myself more. Before puchasing your program, I was struggling with my business, especially in the areas of "committing to be the best" and "time management". Since then, I've multiplied my company's income by 4 times, and will multiply it another 5 times in the next 5 years. Thank you again; you have provided tremendous value to me, and literally helped change my life for the better. I hope that you continue to share your message with the world.

Success Mastery Academy

Success Mastery Academy

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