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Customer Reviews - Superior Sales Management

Superior Sales Management

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5 out of 5 stars  It works!

By Mas Agung Sachli "Managing Director of Imamatek Corp." (Indonesia)

After my sales dropped 3 months in the row, I tried to find a new way to organize my sales team. Fortunately, I've found Brian Tracy's Superior Sales Management.

I applied almost all of his ideas. Like magic, in 2 months, my sales sky rocketed, not double, but triple!


5 out of 5 stars  Superior Sales Management

By Richard Kaller (Pennsylvania)

This CD is very comprehensive and tightly organized, Includes step-by-step procedures or outlines some new, some forgotten, some reinforced. A “must” for anyone in a sales management role or a superior to a sales manager that needs help defining expectations.

5 out of 5 stars  This program works

By RICH HARRIS (Hopatcong New Jersey)

My first job in this great profession called selling was in direct sales. I had no real direction just a desire to succeed. I struggled for about a year and like any young inexperienced sales person I thought I had to be a manager. So they gave me an oppurtunity in an office they planned on closing. Which they did. However one day I went through the desk I had in my office, you know to clean it out and make it my own. Lo and behold what did I find but this program. Being a door to door vacuum sales person in Virginia, I figured I had a lot of drive time on my hands so I GAVE IT A LISTEN. I did so every day day for about 3 months. What happened from there was great! Our sales increased, but they still closed our office. I then went back in ton sales and doubled my income. This series gave me the direction that I needed at that moment. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Today I am a successful sales manager. I have a young sales staff mostly under 25 years old. I am back here today to repurchase this program for them. They all ask me what I attribute part of my success to and this is part of it. I have a great oppurtunity to pass on what was accidentially passed on to me. To this I thank Brain Tracy and the person who left those tapes behind.

Yours In Success,

Rich Harris

Superior Sales Management

Superior Sales Management

71 Minutes of Audio
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