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Customer Reviews - The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement

The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement

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5 out of 5 stars  Put your personal life on the way of success with Brian Tracy!!!

By Dan Comarzan "own business" (Rome, Italy)

Very useful program for everybody want to reach own goals, to change personal life in better.

5 out of 5 stars  This program should be compulsury in every school.

By Freddie Masarovic "Platinum eBay seller" (Tokyo, Japan)

Well I am always careful how I use my money and buying a spoken program has never seem to me to be a smart idea.However I am confident that this knowledge you will be getting compare to the price is nothing compare to what it is going to give you in your life.

I am a teacher and a businessman and I have completed MBA on my way to find happiness in today's world. I didn't want to believe that the corporate world is the highlight of my life. It was hard for me to find answers to all my questions and with Brian Tracy I found them all.

Honestly not only will your life change for good but as well the life of people around you. I have included most of the laws in my teaching my business and my personal life and I am happier then ever.

Please do yourself a favor and don't wait any longer. You own this to yourself.If you have never come across this type of knowledge fasten your seat belt it will take you to new heights.

5 out of 5 stars  It is a wonderful program

By Josh Clayton "Professional Freelance Writer/Volunteer Senior Aide" (Inglewood, CA)

Well, like all of Brian Tracy's programs and business/living ideas I am going to listen to these mp3's/CD's until they are second or even third nature in the most positive sense. The secret is not in having the programs, it is in applying the programs and I am going to do that, apply them to the ultimate and most genuine degree. This program is no exception. When I buy, I buy rarely (when it is genuinely worth it), when I use a program I use it fully, and rest assured, this program will be and is used by me. But now to the review: It's like he takes his previous efforts including the Psychology of Achievement and rolls it up into a powerful fireball of knowledge that burns through the false and silly. This is genuinely a beautiful thing, and the miracle is that the material is so wonderfully presented from the beginning. But I only suggest you buy it if you are going to use it. This is a serious program for serious people, serious about success. So, I listened to the first half hour as I was downloading and it was packed with amazing stuff right there, I can only wonder what "surprises" he has for the next seven and a half hours... (I put the word surprises in quotes because, there are no surprises with his programs just straightforward power and results. Which I love. That straightforward honesty is the ultimate breath of fresh air "surprise".) Anyhow, as Victor Hugo said about an idea whose time has come. This is the right time for straightforward honest workings like Brian has and that much better, and sure, I recommend this and any of his sound to good programs.

5 out of 5 stars  Easy to Learn, Easy to Apply

By Mike Matthews (Denver CO)

Brian Tracy does a great job of explaining how most anyone can learn how to attain wealth. As a staff writer for, I'm always looking for great material to share with my visitors and his material is both easy to learn and easy to apply in your everyday life. His comments about 'Cause and Effect', the 'Law of Saving' and 'Compound Interest' are the key factors with any financially successful person. I listened to the CD 3x and will probably go back to it again - the material contained in the CD is well worth the price. If you stretched it over a year's period, the cost is less than a $1 a month.

5 out of 5 stars  Don't pass this one up!

By Randy R. (Fort Worth, TX USA)

This little gem does for money what other Brian Tracy programs do for your mind. Instead of being mired in theory, you'll get practical steps to improve your financial postition.

You need to understand money in order to make, and keep it. I've listend to this program over and over - you will too!

5 out of 5 stars  Insight Personified

By Ronald Steele "Admissions Trainer for Ashworth University" (Norcross, GA USA)

For a middle aged man with a dead end job; I purchased the Universal Laws of Success and Achievement with hope I could somehow change my confused pathetic life. I sacrificed and saved the money to purchase this series of, at the time audio cassettes. I listened to the information and did the exercises in the workbook. The material absouluely changed my life. I think when I discovered that you become what you think about everyday, that did it for me. I began to put the universal laws to work for myself. I'm now in my mid-fifties and more successful than I have ever been. The insight into life that I received through the Universal Laws of Success and Achievement gave me the critical thinking skills I needed to get to the next level. Thank you Brian Tracy.

5 out of 5 stars  The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement

By Carla Orlandi (Indiana)

I bought this program ten years ago, it is just as valid today as it was then. At the time, I was searching for understanding in my life. Being very well read in bible I was leary of listening to anything else. Brian brings bibical truth into practical understanding. Although I consider myself as one who is under the grace of God, Jesus said he did not come to abolish the law but to fulfill it. This program helps you to see the "laws" that are in action everyday of our lives. A must for anyone who lacks understanding and wants to know why things happen the way they do. Parralled with the bible this is one of the best resources to share with anyone of any age.

The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement

The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement

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