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By Luiz Claudio (Deerfield Beach, FL USA)

Brian is the best compiler ever. As Aristotle said, "There is nothing new under the sun." You may not find any new idea or concept, but if you follow the strategies mentioned in the book, you will become simply unstoppable. It's an invaluable book that should be in the bookcase of everyone who takes the challenge of succeed in life seriously and wants to do something extraordinary with their lives. Another great compilation by Mr. Tracy.

5 out of 5 stars  Highly Recommended!

By Rolf Dobelli (Luzern Switzerland)

Although it's an overused metaphor, top business speakers and best-selling author Brian Tracy show how you can apply battle-proven methods to achieving victory in the world of business. While many of the principles sound familiar, Tracy's presentation is lively and well organized. He covers the importance of having objectives, getting the facts, coordinating your activities, daring to go forward, concentrating your forces, conserving your resources and having one person in charge. He uses battlefield illustrations to remind us of these principles. He also draws on ancient and modern historical accounts of battles to illustrate the close connection between victory in war and in business. If your approach to business hinges on careful strategy and targeted planning, we from getAbstract think you will find tactical weapons in this military manual that you can muster in the fields of commerce.

5 out of 5 stars  Practical

By Jerry Berry (SC,USA)

An outstanding tool for students of personal success, which is much need in today's world. It is blanced, and helpful guide to dealing with everyday life. The outline is clear, the understanding of communication is shrewd using military priciples throughout the ages. "Vicotry!" will certainly be edifying to anyone who desires to make a contribution to the world they influence.

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