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Customer Reviews - Wealth Building Made Simple

Wealth Building Made Simple

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5 out of 5 stars  Mind opener

By "Investor" (Delta, Warri Nigeria)

Mr. Tracy exposes the mind to accessing lasting values and wealth.

5 out of 5 stars  Excellent, it works for me

By "Proprietor of Vertex Solutions, Software consultant" (India)

Great tips, it's all about knowledge, goals, and discipline.

5 out of 5 stars  Hell or High Water

By Rick Resch "Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor and Sales Associate at Menards" (Madison, WI 53705)

For the school of hard knocks, there is two things you are going to pay before you become successful that I know of: money and time. I bought two coaching programs, the first one didn't turn out because it wasn't what I expected and after that I bought another one, which didn't work for me. I accumulated approximately $5,658.38+ in debt. I took me a little less than three years to pay it off because I was trying to start a business and that didn't work out. I got a job that was helping to pay off the debt and after a year and three months, I got a better job last February of 2014. I was able to set a goal and made a plan by writing them down to finally eliminate my debt by figuring out how much I could pay it off by the end of April of 2014. I did not make it by that date, but was only shy by two days. On May 2nd of 2014 with the help of my federal and state IRS checks I was free and clear of bad debt and paid the remaining $587.92. I wanted to meet my goal hell or high water and was determined to do it if I made a plan. It is very, very important to set a deadline and if you don't make it, set another one. I am not successful yet, but write down my goals now to plan for the next year and work on them. I wish all of you good luck and learn from the best of the best because they produce the greatest results for you. I suggest reading books before getting coaching since it is cheaper and have a greater return of investment. Try to apply what you learn in the books and start from there. May you have great health, happiness and success. Take care, and thrive and prosper!

5 out of 5 stars  Perfect - Recomment to anyone & everyone

By "Manager in a MNC" (Philadelphia, Pennsilvania)

I cant believe that this great information is available in the Market. Anyone that needs to starts a business or become financially independent needs to hear this. There cannot be better content anywhere else in the market that I can be 100% sure. Covers everything that you need to know. Thank you Brian Tracy...

4 out of 5 stars  Comprehensive

By Lucy Dobrowolski "Professional " (Richboro, PA USA)

Great comprehensive material with timeless content that touches all aspects of financial advise.

Wealth Building Made Simple

Wealth Building Made Simple

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