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Brian Tracy Coaching

Brian Tracy and his team of coaches have consulted for more than 1,000 companies and addressed more than 4,000,000 people in 4,000 talks and seminars throughout the US, Canada and 40 other countries worldwide.

Through their proven systems for success, Brian Tracy and his team of certified FocalPoint coaches will work with any individual or organization to help them achieve their goals faster than they can ever imagine.



Your ability to think clearly and make excellent decisions is essential to your success as a CEO or Senior Executive.

Having a trusted advisor and personal coach who can offer you different ideas and perspectives on your business and personal situation can help you to make better decisions in each area.

Brian Tracy has consulted, trained, coached and worked with the executives and staff of more than 1,000 large companies. He has taught and trained more than five million people in 58 countries. He has written 52 books and produced more than 500 audio and video learning programs focused on business and personal achievement.

Brian will tailor a program for you and specializes in the following areas of Service:

  • - Personal Coaching & Consulting
  • - Executive and Management Development
  • - Executive Speaking
  • - Strategic Planning

The ideas and insights he has gained and shared have enabled him to work as an effective CEO Coach for than 1,000 business owners, making many millions of dollars for his clients, and transforming their lives in a positive way.

What he has done for others, he can do for you as well.

Brian can help you gain greater clarity in each of those areas that are important to you through candid and honest exploration of your real self and abilities.

Due to Brian’s schedule, he can only work with a handful of clients and prefers to create a year-long program to maximize the benefits to you. He can also do an all-day strategy session with your team. The investment to work with Brian may vary, but you can expect it to be about $60,000 per year ($5000 per month with the option to discontinue at any time), for 2 hours per month, either one hour at a time or two hours at once, via phone or Skype. If interested in learning more, please fill out the Brian Tracy 1 on 1 coaching application and we will get back to your shortly to answer your questions and to see if there is a good match.



Brian Tracy Certified Coach

The secret is out. The fastest way to drive the greatest results is through coaching. Work with one of Brian's Certified and Trained coaches to:

  • Increase sales
  • Increase profits
  • Improve systems
  • Streamline operations
  • Get the most out of your team

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This is about working smarter, not just harder.

The best leaders in the world have advisors and people to strategize with, and now you can too. The coaches on my team are seasoned senior executives and businesspeople who have been specifically trained to deliver massive value.

Did you know that our mandate is to deliver 7 to 10 times ROI (Return on Investment) for any client we work with? And did you also know that FocalPoint Coaching is 100% guaranteed? It is.


Professional Business Coaching — You’ll work 1-on-1 with one of my certified professional business coaches.

We are a proactive coaching organization, and that means you’ll work together with your coach to develop a plan for change that is 100% customized to you and your needs. We have coached thousands of businesses all over the world and it’s 100% guaranteed to work or you money back. Period.

Corporate and Executive Coaching — Large corporations use FocalPoint coaches to drive increased results. It takes a special approach and delivery style to make an impact in a large, complex corporation. You coach will have the content, material, background and experience to drive real, tangible results for you and your team.

Performance Coaching — This style of coaching is the perfect choice for individuals or micro businesses.

This is a special, high intensity program designed for maximum effect in a short timeframe. You’ll catapult into a new level of thinking that will drive real and tangible results in multiple areas.

The wonderful part about Performance Coaching is how much of an impact these powerful systems can have.

About our Coaches — These are real people. Yes, they drive massive results and yes, they have over 250 hours a year of support and training. But most of all they are real people who take you and your needs into account first.

These are experienced senior executives and business owners who love developing people so much they’ve decided to make it a career.

Two heads really are better than one. This is your chance to leverage their skills and knowledge for your benefit.

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I have recently completed the first quarter of FocalPoint coaching and I have turned round a company that has been in decline for three years.

…The first session with my coach and his insights led me to take action over the next four weeks to reduce food costs netting me $50,000 in income off already established business. If I stop right there I can say he has been worth every dollar spent for the year.

Brian F., Primaveras Pizza and Bistro

Coaching was new to me and I've always been on top of our financial operations, but we nearly doubled our profits inside of 4 months. This has been good.

L. Costain, Multi-website aggregator and marketer


What Can A Business Do For Me?

Business Coaching is about showing you the way to improvement, faster and more efficiently than you can on your own.

Each client we work with is different, but each business has common elements that we can move as levers to help you get what you want, when you want it.

What Will We Work On First?

Good question. That depends on you and your business. Do you need more sales? Increased efficiency? Would you like a better operating team? Is this economy causing new, ongoing challenges?

We will work with you on that. We don't perform magic, but we will show you the tricks. And, best of all, all of my coaching programs are guaranteed.

Is Coaching Right For Me?

It is if you want positive change right now. All of our programs are customized to your specific needs, and your personal style.

What Kind Of Program Can I Expect?

We have the very best proven material and experience ready to go to work for you.

Will I Be Coached By Brian Tracy?

That depends on Brian Tracy's availability and if you qualify based on your current business and financial situation. The good news is that if you are not a match for Brian Tracy, one of our Brian Tracy certified business coaches should be able to work with you to take your business to the next level!


My Coach has led me to implement new concepts in my business resulting in a very favorable return on investment from Business Coaching.

T. Fraser, Tandem Design

I was amazed at how easy it was to find money inside our operations. I've been working with him for only a few months, but my FocalPoint coach showed me new ways of doing things and it just appeared!

G. Cusano, Cargo Lift


Step 1 of 2 for your Free Coaching Session:



I have created a coaching division called FocalPoint. We are an elite group of professional, certified business coaches.

We are committed to business and personal improvement that serves our local communities and regions.

A FocalPoint Business Coach is a seasoned senior executive or business owner who has a true passion for leading, mentoring and developing the strengths of others.

You’ll be on a team of other high performers who are driving results and doing good things with their clients in their own communities.

As part of my team, you’ll enjoy

  • Powerful Training
  • Ongoing Support
  • My proven Coaching System
  • A professional Team.

There are a million reasons to consider becoming a FocalPoint Coach. What are yours? Please contact us so that we can discuss whether this is the right professional opportunity for you.

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Brian Tracy Coaching


FocalPoint Training has been a great experience. I've learned more personally and professionally over this past week than years worth of continuing education as a CPA.

The training team (Jim, Pat & Ian) was outstanding! I’ve enjoyed getting to know my fellow coaches and look forward to working with and learning from them.

Kenneth Burke, Rochester, NY

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