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Why not join Brian Tracy's team as a professional business coach?

I have created a coaching division called FocalPoint. We are an elite group of professional, certified business coaches.

We are committed to business and personal improvement that serves our local communities and regions.

Brian Tracy Coaching

Become a Business Coach

A FocalPoint Business Coach is a seasoned senior executive or business owner who has a true passion for leading, mentoring and developing the strengths of others.

You’ll be on a team of other high performers who are driving results and doing good things with their clients in their own communities.

As part of my team, you’ll enjoy

  • Powerful Training
  • Ongoing Support
  • My proven Coaching System
  • A professional Team.

There are a million reasons to consider becoming a FocalPoint Coach. What are yours? Please contact us so that we can discuss whether this is the right professional opportunity for you.

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FocalPoint Training has been a great experience. I've learned more personally and professionally over this past week than years worth of continuing education as a CPA.

The training team (Jim, Pat & Ian) was outstanding! I’ve enjoyed getting to know my fellow coaches and look forward to working with and learning from them.

Kenneth Burke, Rochester, NY

It’s amazing how well validated I felt about choosing FocalPoint after completing the full week of training. The quality of the material, the instructors, and the activities were perfect for helping me envision and plan for being an excellent business coach. However, the most powerful part of the week was getting to meet and know all the people involved. Steve Thompson, Dominic Rubino, the coach trainers, and the student coaches themselves all are high quality, talented individuals I would love to call friends and colleagues, and proud to do so. It was especially great to have both Brian Tracy and Cam Fraser participate. Their support and involvement is powerful and motivating! The photo opportunity will also be valuable in my personal marketing plan. What a great group of people.

Steve Rosebaugh, February 2009

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