(valued at over $3,500!)

Important Message From Brian Tracy:

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  • BONUS #1 Personal Business Strategy Session

    During this personal 30-minute business strategy session you'll learn the practical, proven methods I've used to generate millions of dollars in sales!

  • BONUS #2: Business Success Made Simple Training System + Workbook

    Business Success Made Simple


    • 12 audio CDs, totaling over 24 hours of instruction based on practical, proven ideas, strategies and techniques you can use immediately to increase sales, boost profits and achieve your goals
    • A 108-page workbook so you can tailor this course to your own business needs, goals and desires
    • The digital versions of both the audios and workbook

    Specifically, You’ll learn how to:

    • Select the right product or service for your TARGET market
    • Market and sell your product--while providing EXCELLENT customer service
    • Specific strategies to ELIMINATE the competition
    • Close the sale—and overcome ANY objections
    • Increase your profits—while balancing your work & personal life
    • Specific warning signs that you MUST be aware of as an entrepreneur
  • BONUS #3: Sales Success Made Simple Training System + Workbook

    Sales Success Made Simple


    • 14 Audio CDs, totaling over 16 hours of powerful proven methods for increasing your sales.
    • A 72-page workbook so you can follow along and personalize your sales success journey.
    • A FREE sales skills assessment, which identifies all your strengths and weaknesses and details which area you excel in, and which needs improvement.
    • The digital versions of both the audios and workbook

    Specifically, You’ll learn:

    • Why people REALLY buy — uncover this reason and your sales will go smoothly from this point on
    • 9 places to find good prospects
    • The basic 3-part sales process— and how even small improvements in each area can lead to massive results
    • The 7 steps to relationship building — miss any of these and your relationship with your prospects weakens
    • The 10 closing requirements you must fulfill with every sale — AND the 5 errors to avoid when closing a sale
    • How to build trust right away—and keep your customer coming back for more